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  1. Thought about it? Yes. The question is do I REALLY want to do it... LOL. Im going to try out a couple of kernels here tonight to see if there's any difference and if that doesn't work then Ill go the long route, and if that doesn't work then Im just going to hit up Newegg and grab a compatible lan card and call it a day >_<. and Mountain Lion is going to be a no go since im running an Nvidia card anyways.
  2. Indeed with no success. I'm leaning more and more to it being kernel related. It can't generate the new Ethernet device because it never gets assigned a name from the kernel via InterfaceNamer. I did have it working in Lion and Snow leopard at one point, this was ages ago though and recently decided to give the hackintosh route on the desktop a go again, I have a Lenovo G780 that's running OSX flawlessly right now (minus the non-use of the switchable graphics, can't win them all i guess). From digging through Darwin source code It seems that once the kext is loaded, it requests a non-used name from the kernel to get assigned to (e.g. en0, en1, wlan0, etc) via configd and ISServices, but the kernel never spits one out for it. Is there a way to enable more debugging from the kernel itself with re-compiling it? I have the debug log verbosity set in the kext to the highest possible.
  3. I did that multiple times. the kext itself is being loaded, it detects it, and I also have it forcing a MAC address (tried it without as well). The sole problem is that the kernel isn't spitting out an interface name for it. Deleted the preferences plist for interface names, even manually set the interface myself for it. It almost seems like a kernel issue, going to try new r7 kernel later today. And yes, nvenet is removed, and the device id is in the Info.plist and permissions have been set multiple times along with running kextwizard. Been working on it for nearly 3 days straight with no avail. Debating recompiling kernel and drivers from source. From what I understand the kext is loading, then requests an interface name from a slot from the kernel by passing a call to it from the InterfaceNamer class of configd. Configd spits out usually 7-8 errors of the same being "Unable to name known/new interface." So something is happening in the middle of the kext and kernel talking to each other.
  4. Hey verdant, figured you'd probably be the best person to ask here, I'm trying to get my MCP77 ethernet going, I've installed nForcelan, it kext loads up, detects the device, but never assigns it to en0 or any other interface, and in the console logs the InterfaceNamer isn't able to give it a name. I'v tried deleting the NetworkInterfaces plist file, even substituted the name of the interface for the one in the plist file, but still no go. Do you think this is a kernel issue? I'm using niresh's build and I think he's using sineteks old kernel, because if I've read write the plugin makes a call to the kernel to be able to name a device, specifically a PCI device like an Ethernet port. Have you heard of this or know of any way around it? Everything else works fine, full QE/CI, audio, multiple monitors, etc, but no go on on the ethernet. edit: Specs are MSI NF980-g65 motherboard Phenom II x6 1090t Geforce 670 nForce 780a (MCP 77/RTL8211CP onboard ethernet) Device ID's were appended to the Info.plist in nForcelan.kext. Using 64.5 since people have reported stability issues with 64.6.
  5. I've got a 780a nForce motherboard I'm trying to get working. I've got everything going besides built in ethernet, which is the MCP77 (Realtek 8211CL). I'm using the nForcelan 64.5 kexts with MSIenabled set to true and no forced MAC address. When booting the driver loads, detects the hardware, but doesn't get it assigned to en0 nor do I get any of the telltale "link" messages. configd throws a lot of info messages about ACPIPlatform expert looking for an interface, but nothing comes of it. I know this should work because of other builds I've seen with mavericks and 64.5 working, so it has to be something I'm missing. Any suggestions? Basic specs: CPU: Phenom II x6 1090t nForce 780a chipset Geforce 670