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  1. I certainly will. Should I do a UEFI boot with clover, or just a regular boot? Also, that will have to wait until I have figured out another problem: whilst trying to fix the boot0 error, I may have accidently dd'd the boot1h file onto my dev/disk0, rather than disk1, and now the computer isn't even trying to boot from the HDD. Anyone know how I can reverse this mistake? Can you un-dd something in the terminal?
  2. Hello, I'm trying to install OSX 10.8.5 on my computer (specs in sig) and I keep running into the damn boot0 error. I've tried installing with Pandora's Box and myHack and I still can't make it work. I install, reboot, and I get the error every time. I've tried following this guide: http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/02/hackintosh-boot0-error.html, but still nothing. I'm not sure if I'm installing wrong or fixing the error wrong or if something else is causing the error. PLease help, I've been trying to get this damn computer running for like, 6 months.
  3. New motherboard

    Still can't get past the boot 0 error. Is there anything else that causes this that I can try to fix?
  4. Trying to install from pandora

    I'm still getting the boot0 error, after following several guides and trying to install with both myHack and Pandora's Box. Is there something else that can cause the error?
  5. New motherboard

    When I manage to get as far as installation (and this only happens occasionally, I'm still not sure what some of the correct options are while creating the USB installer), the computer then restarts, and attempt to boot from USB are met with a grey screen, even when using GraphicsEnabler=No (do I have to capitalize 'No'?). Attempt to boot from the HDD are met with the boot0 error. Any ideas? Should I instead be attempting a UEFI boot/install with clover or something?
  6. New motherboard

    Signature should be updated, But I got the Ga-Z77_DS3H moard on your advice, and also have an Intel i5 processor and a EVGA Geforce GT 640 video card.
  7. New motherboard

    Trying to install with pandora, but something keeps going wrong. OSX installs, and then the computer restarts and gives me, among other things, an smc readkeyaction error, or something like it. I think I might be installing it wrong. Any advice? The guide for pandora doesn't really explain how to install it or which options to choose while doing so.
  8. Hello, is there a better tutorial on installing OSX with pandora than is available here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/289758-pandoras-box-beta-2-testing/? The aforementioned guide is worse than useless and I'm trying to install 10.8.5 onto my newly built pc rig. I'm not sure which options to use when going through the install process - like when it asks for the "model" of my computer - or precisely what to do with the USB stick after. I think I got it to install )SX on my computer, but when I try to boot again from the USB I get a panoply of errors, and when I try and boot from the HDD I get the boot0 load error. Any advice on installing this thing step by step or should I use another method? The Pandora's Box was supposed to be self explanatory and easy but it's leaving behind a bunch of unanswered questions.
  9. New motherboard

    When you say discreet graphics, would those be a part of a processor or the motherboard? Also, does that mean that any graphics card I use will be no good? What OSX installation method would you recommend for the z77 series?
  10. Hello, I have been building a hack and keep running into various problems that I now believe are all entirely related to my poor choice in motherboards. Not that I think that the ASRock z75 is a bad motherboard, and indeed if I just wanted to run windows the computer I have built would be a thing of beauty. However, Nothing I've tried over the past few months has made the computer run stably, so I am just going to put a new motherboard in, and I need advice on what the Community thinks would be the right motherboard for my other hardware pieces, and would install OSX 10.9 with the least amount of hassle, as I have run out of the slow methodical patience which has heretofore been the hallmark of my approach to building this computer. Said hypothetical motherboard would need to be able to fit an Intel LGA 1155 type processor and also have a PCI express 2.0 socket and preferably be be a regular ATX size. Any thoughts? What has worked for you in the past?
  11. Can't seem to boot mavericks on new built PC. Help!

    Well, installing Mavericks on my other computer(not the one I'm building) in order to get clover to install properly has worked, but now clover won't boot up my system properly. I'm not sure what's going on. When I had a usb drive with clover installed for non-UEFI boards, the whole install process was going fine. When I re-did the USB for UEFI boards, the computer won't boot properly. I get to the clover screen, and tell it to boot from the USB drive, or from the OSX installation, and nothing. Have I configured CLover wrong? Why did it start before, and not now?
  12. Can't seem to boot mavericks on new built PC. Help!

    The install log that appears on my USB stick after the failed installation says '/Volumes/usb not found'. There's no folder on my Mac called volumes, which I think is where the installer is looking for my usb stick. Is there some way around this? Do later versions of OSX keep Harddrives and such in 'Volumes'? Running 10.6.8
  13. New to the Terminal- Having trouble

    I'm having a similar problem to the one above, but I'm trying to mount the EFI partition on my USB stick in order to install clover. It worked once, but then I had to go to work so I ejected the disk, and came back home to finish the install. I tried to mount the EFI again (using sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk1s1 /Volumes/EFI) and now it's telling me that 'realpath /Volumes/EFI: no such file or directory'. Anyone know what's going on? The folder, for reference, is in fact on the USB stick, I went in and created it myself.
  14. Can't seem to boot mavericks on new built PC. Help!

    I can't seem to install clover on my hard drive when I choose 'install for uefi' or 'install in ESP'. The 'install in ESP' button says I should format my ESP as Fat32 first. Should I do this? Is this what's causing the clover install to fail? And what do you mean UEFI must be enabled in BIOS? I can't find anything in the BIOS that says 'enable UEFI'. *Update* The main problem seems to be tyhat Clover isn't mounting the EFI partition automatically, like I think it should be (all the guides seem to imply that this is an automatic process). Trying to mount the ESP with the terminal causes the clover installer to claim the the target HD has no free space.
  15. Can't seem to boot mavericks on new built PC. Help!

    *Update* I have installed clover to my new HDD, but It doesn't seem to have changed anything, particularly what appear to be my two main problems at this point: 1) That the computer won't boot from the HD normally, it stills need to boot from the USB stick with the Mountain Lion boot, and 2) the OSX install isn't recognizing my both wireless card and the ethernet plug from the motherboard, and won't connect to the internet. I suspect these problems have something to do with kexts, or something like that, but I must admit that I don't know what those are, and also I am confused about how to get the computer to boot up on it's own without a USB stick stuck in it. Thanks for bearing with me thus far.