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  1. Clover kext injection fails in beta4

    For some reason the VoodooPS2Controller.kext does not work after the upgrade so something is changed. Both touchpad and keyboard is out of function. Someone else experiencing the same that found a solution?​
  2. Clover kext injection fails in beta4

    Sorry, thought I had done it. But had forgot FakeSMC, sooooo my bad
  3. Clover kext injection fails in beta4

    I get the MissingBluetoothControllerTransport error, which means that the graphics somehow is altered in the Beta 4. I am on a HD4000 chip so I dont understand what to do... Even removing graphic kext or using various bootflags won't make me pass this error. Any of you who have experienced that everything worked in beta 1-3 but not in 4?
  4. Intel HD 4000 graphics QE/CI brake in 10.10.3

    @Allan That sounds awesome! Nice that we found the problem in the end !
  5. Intel HD 4000 graphics QE/CI brake in 10.10.3

    Okay i'll try to remove the patches and see if that works... One weird thing is that if i get the kernel panic when i try to boot on a fresh install i can set the fakeid for the graphics to 0x01660009 and then it does not panic. The only other possibility is either to block appleintel4000graphics kext or safe boot. If I can give you some information that will enable you to understand the problem better then just ask and ill supply. @bronxteck did you just remove the first and second stage patch and do you use a custom dsdt or do you use ig-platform-id? UPDATE: Solution found! Finally thanks for helping me out! Remove first and second stage patch and use ig-platform-id. Somehow the first and second stage patch creates the kernel panic. Now I have full support for QE/CI. I have tested it with my custom dsdt and that works like a charm as well. So basically the problem comes from the first and second stage patch. Again thanks for the help!
  6. Intel HD 4000 graphics QE/CI brake in 10.10.3

    Hey guys. I have had this working before with ig-platform-id 0x01660009 but just to be sure i checked all of the ids available. None of them working on a clean install with no dsdt. I only have the HD4000 graphics no dual gpu. So this seems like a dead end.
  7. Intel HD 4000 graphics QE/CI brake in 10.10.3

    Okay i used AppleIntelFramebufferCapri, AppleIntelHD4000Graphics and AppleGraphicsPowerManagement of 10.10.2 but still only the AppleIntelFramebufferCapri loaded. And of course i did the repair on disk perm and rebuild cache. Any other ideas?
  8. Intel HD 4000 graphics QE/CI brake in 10.10.3

    Only AppleIntelFramebufferCapri is loaded
  9. Intel HD 4000 graphics QE/CI brake in 10.10.3

    Okay. What kexts do i have to include? Then i will try. I use an edited DSDT to enable QE/CI that has always worked.
  10. I just updated my hackintosh Toshiba C70-A-11M and it broke support for QE/CI. I get a kernel panic on the updated AppleIntelHD4000Graphics.kext from version 10.10.3 so i downgraded to 10.10.2's kext and then it boots but drops support. I am running intel series 7 with the HD4000 and i cant seem to work around this problem. Has any of you any experience in this?
  11. If you get to a solution then please write me a message... I have been tampering a bit around seeing if i could get the 10.10.3 working. But just did the stupid thing of overwriting it so i lost the 10.10.3 version, so if you still have the original it would be nice if you could upload it Oups
  12. Maybe i'm off topic but my laptop is similar so i just guessed that there might be some help to get from you guys. I am running the newest version of Clover and have the HD4000 and i have had it working all the way until 10.10.3 so i have no clue what changed. Clover just did some magic
  13. Hey iAstroboyid I have had my QE/CI working on 10.10.2 but now it's not working. I did as you did installing 10.10.2 but the only thing that happend was that i was enabled to boot normally and not just in safe boot mode. Did you just install the 10.10.2 apple intel hd 4000 kext? or what did you do? Thanks
  14. Hey iAstroboyid I couldnt get my hands on the 10.10.2 AppleHD4000Graphics.kext but it was what broke the reboot! Now it's starting normal but graphics are not working. Can you please post 10.10.2 AppleHD4000Graphics.kext? Thanks