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    Mac OS X on ESXI Server

    MSoK This is what I have tried so far and here is where I am at. I installed the unlocker by using SSH and going to the directory where the files where located and using ./install.sh The install appears to have completed Now when I try to install the MAC OS I get the gray VMWare screen then I get a gray screen with the apple logo then it flashes back to the VMWare screen again and it just keeps looping. Before attempting to do the install from the ISO I created a new virtual machine with a new virtual disk I then set the virtual machine to boot from the ISO and set the virtual CD ROM to connect when the VM was powered up When it startes the boot process is when it loops between VMware and the apple logo screens Should I not have created the virtual disk or did I miss something else? Also my connection to the ESXI server seems to be much slower now as I am getting time out errors now but I am not sure if this has anything to do with the MAC OS or if it is a different issue all together. I will go back and read through the threads that you link to but could sure use some help. Thanks.
  2. I am new to virtualization so my questions may seem basic but I still need to ask. I want to to run a Mac Os on my EsSXI 5.5 server. It does have support for Mac OS but it is not a Mac Server. So my questions are: Do i still need to use the unlocker? Can I use my OSX 10.6 Install DVD with the internal DVD or do I need to create an install DVD? If I need to create an install DVD how do I do that and should it be an ISO? Do I need to make any changes in the bios What would the steps be that I would need to follow to set up the Mac OSX on my non Mac environment? This will be used as a test environment only. Thank you very much for you help as I enter the world of virtualization.