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  1. dual cores? both?

    im wondering how to configure both cores to get working? i finally got my usbs and everything working with the jas. thank you -neil
  2. nikon d40?

    i was thinking of buying a camera for the nikon d40.. or d40x ... before i had a canon rebel xt and i did not like that.. i was in the store and some guy showed me the d40 which i wanted before... what do you guys think i am just new to dslr and just wanting to learn.. nothing professional
  3. Login-Window can't start

    at boot up just keep hitting the down button, darwin should let you choose which partition you would like to load. aleast that's what i did. if you can get into windows find arconsis boot loader.. that's a good program you can choose. good luck have a nice day neil
  4. can't find the mbr option where you partition the disk so it gave me a b0 error, then i had to reformat everything, windows aswell. hmm this is my first time dealing with sse3 as i just got the new cpu yesterday. i think i may try uphucks version tomorrow. thank you -neil
  5. http://pccyber.com/scrItem.asp?product_sub...roduct_id=13891 apparently it has both sse2, and sse3. 2.0 ghz. i'm going to check this note book out, and i would really love if anyone knew anything about it, it's super cheap and would work reaaaallly well for me if i went to school and got this. also wireless how hard is that to hook up in osx86 ? i've never used a sse3 chip, so my tests i wouldn't know, although i have a cpu comming for my computer soon. thanks -neil
  6. i am awaiting my new sse3 chip to arrive then i will try this. i am super excited. how well does the USB work? on the uphuck version it wouldn't recognize my usb hard drive, someone told me to leave it on during installation.. i hope tubgirl version fixes this.. thank you! -neilg
  7. usb hard drive?

    cool, will give it a shot, thank you sir.
  8. usb hard drive?

    hello, i am quite new to the scene. i've installed the uphuck v1.4 AMD dvd. for some reason i cannot get my usb hard drive to work. is there something you've got to do to enable it? my usb keyboard works perfectly even before install. weird... thanks for any info -neil