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  1. nvidia raid , installation / vista

    That's all I needed to know. Thank you very much. I got OSX running but has no sound, no LAN support (always says cable unplugged), also when I go to get the info "about this mac" the whole screen just flashes and it opens the finder. Is it worth my time trying to find things to fix all this or is my mobo just one of the ones where these things simply don't work? If this is just an incompatible mobo issue is there anywhere that has information on a mobo for AMD that is working 100% or do they all have setbacks and what not? Thanks so much for your help! Man I love this forum.
  2. nvidia raid , installation / vista

    OK, I got my IDE drive working and will attempt to install on it tomorrow. Is it possible to let OSX see the raid after I have installed and have it running on my IDE drive? I'm going to try to run parallels on this machine. I'm not concerned as to how well it will work. It's more of a "can I even accomplish this?" kind of thing haha. Any help on having getting OSX to read the raids AFTER I install would be great! (If this is even possible either)
  3. nvidia raid , installation / vista

    I looked and it seems there are about a bajillion issues. This will be a nightmare for me won't it... I'm gonna grab an IDE drive from my old computer tonight and throw it in there to see what happens. (I think yesterday I messed up with master and slave jumpers) I'm almost willing to buy a new mobo for this setup if I can't get this working. I REALLY wanted a dual boot with OSX and Vista when I'm done. Argh. Thank you for the simple and straight forward reply. I'm afraid to disable the raids because then Vista can't see the drives, lol. I'll work on it though, thanks again for the info and reply!
  4. Hey guys, You have always helped me in the past and after looking and searching for about an hour I can't seem to find a definite answer to my problem (if there even is one) I bought a new computer. I have 3 SATA drives in it as of right now. 2 RAIDED to form one big drive and the other is just a raid by itself. I installed Vista on this machine and was originally going to have the 2 raided and the third hard drive by itself. But Vista couldn't see the third drive until I made it a raid. After that everything was fine. I am now trying to install OSX86 (I have JaS 10.4.7 Disk) and it simply can't see any of my drives. I was considering reformatting my 3rd drive so it isn't a raid and maybe the installer can see it, but the kicker is that NONE of my SATA drives are seen even in the bios. They all say not detected. I'm so lost it is insane... I have an ASUS M2N/M2N DH motherboard. My last issue was just bringing over an old IDE hard drive to install on. I have to install it on the same IDE ribbon as my dvd drive because there is only one place on my motherboard for IDE connections. But if I do that the computer won't even boot up at all. It just hangs on the motherboard's little logo screen. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. A Few Hardware Questions

    I have been using search for a few hours and just got so frustrated that I just posted something. I'll have to keep looking, all I can find for the wireless is something that can make the airport show up, but it won't find any networks or even stay on for that matter, just blinks. I don't know why I can't find anything that works. Argh.
  6. Hey guys, I haven't been around here for a long time, I gave up on OSX86 quite a while back. I recently downloaded 10.4.7 and everything is working pretty good except 2 things... My graphics and wireless. I've been searching and reading and finding topics that are pretty old, but I guess I will just post something and see if you can help me like you have in the past very well! Here are the questions... 1) Is there a way to get my laptop to run its native resolution of 1280x768 with the Intel 82852/82855 Integrated Graphics Card? 2) Has anybody figured out how to get wireless working for the Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Card yet? 3) If the answer to number 2 is no, then which card would be best if I buy a minipci to replace the current wireless card I have? I hope to spend 20 bucks or less. THANK YOU ahead of time for your help. This forum has helped me much in the past and it is much appreciated. -Dew
  7. Sysem time always be reset

    I am having a similar issue. When I go into the other OS it sets the clock off by like 5 or 6 hours. Strange. It's intersting to hear I am not the only one with this problem.
  8. OSX86 / XP

    OK, how about changing the default system to OS from bootup?
  9. Bios / Wireless

    I had an idea but I need to know if it is possible. Can I turn on the wireless card while in Darwin? Seems like the only way to make sure the card is on before I load osx86 itself. Thanks.
  10. Bios / Wireless

    I'm sorry for another wireless thread but I have been reading and searching these forums for an hour + and haven't found the answer. I have read that I may need to make sure the bios is set to have wireless on as default. I think this is true because my internal wireless card has a light that does not turn on until after windows xp is booted up and simply won't turn on when I load osx86. When I went into the bios settings I couldn't find anything that had to do with the wireless settings. I have an HP dv1000 series laptop. I believe the name of the bios was "Phoenix" something. I am very new to messing with the bios settings, please help. Thank you everyone!
  11. KEEP high resolution..

    I was able to do this and it worked perfectly. Thank you!
  12. KEEP high resolution..

    I apologize for being a newb, but my mac experience is ONLY what I have done in the past day. Can you explain how to do that more specifically? I tried doing it and now my OSX won't even load at all and I had to do a reinstall. Thanks.
  13. OSX86 / XP

    Last question about the dual boot. Is there a way to make the Darwin bootloader force me to choose an operating system? Right now if I don't press anything during those eight seconds it goes to osx86 by itself. Any ideas? Thanks everyone. you have been MUCH help!
  14. NES Mac..?

    Well, we have all seen the NES PC. I am actually almost finished with mine. I am crossing my fingers the processor I have will do at least SSE2 cuz I will turn the puppy into an NES Mac. Although, the motherboard is completely different and other things like that. I will at least atttempt. NES Mac would be AWESOME!
  15. KEEP high resolution..

    If I use the command at boot up 1280x1024 works like a charm and looks very nice. My question though, is there any way to make the system boot to this resolution on default? If I just boot the computer up it gets put in 1024x768 but if I type in the command it loads at the higher one. Am I just stuck typing the command in every time until drivers are developed for my ATI x800xl? Thanks!