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  1. Ugg, still going in and out at times. Now I'm up to 15 or more reinstalls of the card. All kinds of electrical tape anywhere metal is exposed. This thing shorts out pretty easily.
  2. Finally got it working. There are two mounting spots on the left side of the motherboard for the wifi. You need to put a small piece of electrical tape over the unused mounting slot (closest to you) or it causes a short. After you install the wireless card fully, turn the mounting screw about a half turn. Then pull the wifi card out (away from you) as far as it will go until hitting the end of the screws "give" and then tighten it completely. Should work fine after that. Make sure you attach your antennas to the correct colors. Hope that helps. This little beast is wicked.
  3. Well hell. I thought the card was defective and got a refund on eBay (supposedly, still waiting for it to post). Ordered mine from ShipOnSite. I'll try insulating it up a bit more and then reinstalling. Is there any specific part that needs to be insulated, cut, snipped or whatever? Doesn't seems as plug-and-play as everyone else has said.
  4. Well, I got the 1490 off eBay, installed it and the computer wouldn't boot. Tried reseating it and keeping the holding screw less tight but that didn't work either. I'm trying to return it for a replacement. Did I seat it wrong or is this just a defective part. After turning the computer on with it in the screen is blank and nothing happens. Turned it back off, cracked it open and the wifi card was hot. When I remove it, the computer boots just fine (though I was very worried at first). Any ideas? Is this thing just shorted out?
  5. I'm assuming you want something bootable? Go with either Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper. However, I don't really know how these work with hacks considering the extra layer of EFI emulation. Would love to hear some feedback on that... Give it a try, couldn't hurt.
  6. Well, I've done a massive amount of searching and quite a bit of reading. I think I can safely (albeit sadly) say this: Microphone / Input / Headphones are not going to work any time soon, very likely ever. The ALC 888 and ICH7 chipset just aren't compatible with OS X. No one has gotten this working yet, and it's got both Taruga and SkippyRetard stumped from what I've read. I tried all 4 of Skippy's ALC 888 installs, and none of them worked. I've got my fingers crossed, but I think for a while we are SOL. Someone try firing an e-mail to Taruga or Skippy with my sound dump from an earlier post and see what they say about it....... Got everything else working great though!
  7. I'm assuming you followed the steps to the letter (Software Update) and now it's working fine?
  8. Please read and follow the directions (to the letter) in Post 201. How To Install - Foolproof As Paul pointed out, don't install any drivers until you are fully updated to 10.5.4 or you'll bugger the system. I learned that one the hard way.
  9. Yeah, that's what I was thinking of doing too. Kind of link re-shrinkwrapping a package using a hairdryer. As far as the EEEPC 1000 goes, I played with one in the store (all of those sweet little netbooks are out and about here, no problems) and it was significantly heavier than the MSI Wind (1.4kg versus 1.05kg). That was a dealbreaker for me. At that weight, it would be better just to get a 12". I can hold the Wind in one hand without any exertion or effort, but couldn't do that with the 1000. Also, I found the Wind had a better keyboard. Now, here the price of the two is the same, but I also thought the Wind had a better overall package. The only netbook with a keyboard even better than the Wind was the Acer Aspire One. Almost full size. It was also lighter (if I remember correctly) and cheaper (Wind NT$18,000 - Aspire One NT$13,000) but only came with an 8 GB SSD. I wanted more storage than that and from what I've read the SSD is overrated as a battery saver and has a defined, finite read/write lifespan. I went ahead and ordered the 1490 on ebay ($15, free shipping). Will pick it up when I head back to America in a few days and install it then. Should be interesting to go through customs with this lappy. Hopefully I can avoid paying duty. Tried to pick up the Ralink card and called the factory, but they don't sell to customers, only OEM. Also tried to go through a local store as a replacement part, but they never got back to me. Might try to call them again today. A Chinese chop is like a signature, only with Chinese characters and totally unique. More like a fingerprint I guess. If someone steals your chop, they can do a lot of damage. So having that chop on something (depending on the person) can be like a get out of jail free card or a VIP pass.
  10. You could probably just remove it "very" slowly. I talked to the guys here in Taiwan and they said they talked to MSI and were told they could crack open the box and add RAM without voiding the warranty, so for a few extra bucks, I bet they'd have no problem doing the same for a wireless card. Sometimes, I really love this country. If you put a Chinese chop on something, it's like a gold license to do whatever you want. The 1490 is more expensive than the 1390. Trying to go cheap here. Oh, and tested iChat video today. The Wind can't start a video chat but can participate in one. I did it via bonjour without any problems. The camera quality on this thing isn't so hot though. Unless someone can point me in the direction of a sub-$30 100% working wireless, I'm going to get the 1390.
  11. So I'm going to take the plunge and void the warranty. Which wireless card fits without any modifications and works out of the box? Or should I just quit my whining, grit my teeth and go the Dell 1390 route?
  12. Just checked. Didn't see it. However, it did show up under the USB section of the BIOS. I had legacy support turned off, but even with it turned on, it doesn't show as an option under the Boot section of the BIOS.... Still have my fingers crossed about the sound, especially the microphone, as that would make this puppy 100%.
  13. Boot options from the BIOS: *Hard Disk *USB CD/DVD Rom *USB HardDisk *USB Floppy *Network Device No option for SD card so I doubt it. Also, I just noticed that the options for "Ignore trackpad input while typing" and "Ignore trackpad when mouse is connected" are ignored. There is, however, a function key assigned to turn off the trackpad and that works fine. On that note, anybody with a Wind know what Fn+F2 does? Is that for external monitor (that's what I'm assuming - don't have one though, so can't test).
  14. I'd reinstall with the Kalyway disc, as that's what the rest of us used and these installs are rock solid.
  15. Find a friend that knows their {censored}e and you could probably easily patch a working Realtek RTL 8187 driver for SE. Here are the exact differences between the 8187 and the 8187SE. Ubuntu .diff file for 8187SE Ubuntu bug report for 8187SE It should be noted that a user on another forum (can't remember which one - but they also stated the same here in an earlier post) sent an e-mail to MSI about OS X drivers for the 8187SE received a response that no drivers were in the works or planned for the near future.