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  1. Magnets are not working since months. I've tried many browsers and torrent clients. Got DHP and Encryption enabled. And everytime there is "waiting for metadata" which is forever. I've got router, but thats not the problem cuz magnets are working fine on windows, (already tried the direct connection tho). I even reset my network preferences and enable OpenDNS..still got this. And for not opening another thread, i want to ask do i really need an apple computer for logging into appstore??? Many ppl with hackintoshes including me seems to have that issue "computer or device could not be verified" and many others are downloading from there, want to be a part of the second group Any tips?
  2. s7z

    Games are freezing on GT 240

    Yeah i get your point entirely. OS X is more resource hungry than windows and it's gaming perfomance is kinda bad as far i know. But i also don't understand how something wich i pass the minimum sys req especially for the vram cannot run propertly. It seems things aren't that "windows like" as i thought. Even Bastion that requires 256 video ram is the one with that issue and i've got 512. Anyway i will consider an upgrade soon. If this is the only reason tho. Thanks for your answer.
  3. Hi. I have this very weird issue with most of the games on my hackintosh(maybe the most graphic intensive ones). There is only black screen and i can hear the music but there is no picture. When i cmd+tab the menu and animations appear and i can move the cursor for a second but then it freezes again and i can't do anything. I fixed this in Quake 4 running it on window mode but it does not work on the others. Is this related to my nvidia card? The only kext i've installed was NVenabler and i have voodooHDA for sound. Here are my specs: 945G-M3 P4 3.2Ghz 2GB Ram GT 240 im running snow leopard 10.6.8.
  4. Hello. Can anybody tell me how to free inactive memory on 10.6.8? I read about the purge command and that it requires xcode. Okay i installed xcode but after that here is what i'm getting in terminal: WARNING: Could not determine processor information. WARNING: Could not determine memory controller information. WARNING: Could not determine Operating System information. It's kinda weird cuz About This Mac is showing the right information about everythin. I also heard about Memory Booster that does the exact same thing this command do. But it's for 10.7+ My mac is going a bit sluggish sometimes when only around 60mb ram are free and 600 inactive. Im multitabing at chrome, downloading with utorrent, itunes, sparrow, dropbox and a weather widget thats my minimum of opened apps. Here is my configuration: P4 3.2Ghz core solo GT 240 2Gb Ram