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  1. Windows Media Center 2005 Patch!

    Interesting topic. But why would you want MCE running on a MAC? The reason I ask is that the mac is already nice for video playback as is. The advantage to MCE is that you can use with a tv tuner and use its DVR capablities.. and the fact that you can stream content to an extender device like the xbox or xbox360. I dont think a tv tuner on a mac would help much with MCE. It would need to be compatible (maybe a USB one?) THEN you would need to hook it up to your cable or satellite to get any nice programming and that requireds the USB based IR sensor & blaster to control the channels. The whole setup seems kinda messy. One cool solution that I came up with is that I setup a "MCE" Server used only for the media center and I stream content to all the pc', macs & xbox in the home & across the net as well. The streaming part to MAC (tv and all) is easy if you use a free service like ORB. (orb.com) ORB definately solved my issues with watching live tv and videos on my macbook.
  2. Best Mother board For OSX86

    I use an Intel D945GCCR motherboard. It works real nice 99% except for intel 10/100 pro ve LAN needs a little tinkering with to get functioning. (Info on that can be found on this board.) Solved it by installing an aftermarket realtek pci lan card. The Intel is a nice clean board. But, if you're into overclocking... its definately not the board for you. I would go for ASUS for overclocking.
  3. 10.4.10 install dvd... 5.08GB iso

    Yeah dude, definately try the uphuck 1.3gb dvd it works nice. Either way.. If i were you I recommend installing it in vmware first. Give a run through.. See if you are going to like it. While it was very cool to install natively. I found osx86 missing alot of the functionality that I had with Windows. The performance though.. was truly awesome. But I use media center edition to feed videos, music and satellite tv to my projector so a native install of mac os x would not work for me. Also also love to play games like Halo for example and I couldnt do that with OSX86. So give it a shot in vmware.. see if you like it. And oh.. Make sure your hardware is compatible with OSX86. Theres nothing more frustrating to finally install this nice piece of software and to find your sound or network are not compatible. Atleast in vmware you should be able to get sound and networking to function.
  4. Windows Media Cener runs just fine in VMWARE FUSION. Just install it the same way as if you were installing Windows XP Pro. The real trick is.. what are you going to go about a video tuner? I dont think the PCI windows card will work. Might have to go with USB device. I am trying to get that done myself.
  5. Help me to burn this DVD plz!

    I used ASHAMPOO Burning software to burn my DVD. One thing.. If you have an extra DVD burner around try it. For some reason the LITEONE DVD burner in my gateway was failing to burn it (not to say thats your problem). But I connected an extra drive I had and bingo. It's all part of the fun. Wish you luck.
  6. Wanted to share my OSX86 install. OSX86 rules! I have an Intel D945GCCRL motherboard with Intel Pentium D805 CPU w/ 1 gig 533mhz DDR2 ram & nvidia 7300GT video card. This board is 99.9% compatible.. that final 1% is because it has an Intel Pro 10/100 VE lan and it needs a little work after install. Honestly I have not gotten it to work yet. Tried it all.. except for copying over the Apple8255x.kext from an older install that I read about on another thread. Have to try that next! My temporary solution was an old Beklin ethernet card that I had lying around with a realtek chipset. OS X picked it up right away. I know the Pentium D805 is not the fastest thing out there now. But let me tell you, the OS installs in less than 12-10 minutes. That to me is amazing compared to the install time of Windows. Once loaded it truly flies.. this thing is fast. It loads and runs applications nicely. I have 3 OSX86 DVD's.. 1. JAS 10.4.9 DVD which did nothing for me.. I did not have the drivers I needed (sound). 2. Uphuck 10.4.9 rev 1.3 4gig DVD which installed nicely but got errors every time I tried to open up the network in system preferemces. (sound did work though nicely) 3. Uphuck 10.4.9 rev 1.4 1.4gig DVD which installed perfectly, but did not have as many applications as the 4gig DVD I am so happy to be a new member of the OSX86 club. But what next? My existing Windows XP machine is a Media Center PC.. which supplies the video & files via LAN to an XBOX360 connected to a video projector. (love it) I installed Windows Media Center using VMWARE Fusion and want to have that virtual machine do its job like my existing machine. But I think its too much of a stretch. I guess its better off having 2 seperate machines. ANYONE out there doing the same? One last question I had.. How about you gamers? Are you able to play for example Halo on OSX86? I guess I want the best of both worlds
  7. Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    OK people.. see if you can figure this one out. lol I have 3 dvd's Jas 10.4.8, Uphuck 10.4.9 1.3 rev 1.3 (4gig dvd), and a Uphuck 10.4.9 rev 1.4 (which is only a littl over 1.4 gigs) My system is a Pentium D805 CPU, Motherboard: Intel D945GCCRL with Intel video GMA950 & LAN Intel 10/100 pro ve I installed using the first 2 dvd's and could not get the built in network working. I tried all the above solutions and nothing. Device id for my lan is 1094 8086 by the way.. Finally out of last hope I reinstalled the system using the rev 1.4 DVD which again is about 1.4 gigs and I used a Belkin ethernet card i had lying around. It picked up a "built in" ethernet but actually the one which worked was the installed belkin pci ethernet card. I even disababled the lan in the bios and the mac os still works with the Belkin card. I installed with only the intel 10/100 drivers selected.. nothing else. But in the end the Belkin worked. weird uh? But its all part of the fun of experimenting with a new os i guess One last question.. Is it normal for the OSX to install in under 12 minutes? I know theres heat and comments about the Pentium D805 being slow or outdated.. But this thing is fast.