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  1. Dell xps 17 l702x i5

    and what steps do i need to go down to find mobos issues? im sure with it been a dell its more of a generic motherboard with dell been a massive company in dsdt editor its not showing any errors just few warnings and power management seems to be working fine
  2. Dell xps 17 l702x i5

    so I have a one off motherboard never used in anything else!!! cool!!!
  3. Dell xps 17 l702x i5

    yes I have and didn't work hence why im still posting the issue!!! I cant believe that nobody as had this issue!! that guides cant have had 100% success !! not worked for me!!
  4. Dell xps 17 l702x i5

    so im assuming then with no response EVERYONE!! asnt had any problems!!!
  5. Dell xps 17 l702x i5

    still no joy only showing 64mb shared memory device is 0126 in SMBios I cant boot using macbookpro 8,1 so im using mac mini 5,1 seems to boot ok but resolution is only 1280x1024 ive put dual link in DSDT I know im missing something but don't know what!! anyone?
  6. Dell xps 17 l702x i5

    yeah tried that!! hence why I'm here looking!! DSDT.aml.zip
  7. Dell Xps 17 l702x Intel HD 3000

    10.8.5 dude
  8. Dell Xps 17 l702x Intel HD 3000

    hi all having trouble getting this intel hd 3000 fully working ive put in dual link and running mac mini 5.1 as the macbookpro 8.1 was hit and miss whether it would boot best display is 1280x1024 even tho ive got set to 1920x1080 only showing 64mb shared memory too what am I missing!!? DSDT.aml.zip
  9. Dell xps 17 l702x i5

    yeah put a few posts up with my current DSDT file hopefully see how it goes!!
  10. Dell xps 17 l702x i5

    yeah done all that mate not having it!!
  11. hi all managed to get 10.8.5 working fine on the dell 17 xps 17 l702x spec is i5 2540m 8gb ram 250ssd for windows 8.1 120ssd for mac os its got the geforce nvidia 550m 1gb but i have that disabled the one im trying to get working is intel HD3000 ive played about with the DSDT injecting dual link etc but i cant get higher then 1280x1024 res and its only showing 64mb shared memory?? any ideas uploaded the DSDT file DSDT.aml.zip
  12. Dell xps 17 l702x i5

    hi mate i have everything working on the dell all but one thing!! this intel 3000 gpu!! most i can get is 1280x1024 and only 64mb memory!? tried everything injected dual link but cant get gpu acceleration!! any good links or u know anyone else uve been talking to with similar issues that could help?
  13. Dell xps 17 l702x i5

    So what your saying is install the 10.8 which I know works The boot ssd drive where mac is installed and update to 10.8.5 then follow post notes to setup
  14. Dell xps 17 l702x i5

    Yeah strange 10.8 installed easy so have compatible stuff Only difference was 10,8.5 was clover boot loader on USB not chameleon because that wouldn't work
  15. Dell xps 17 l702x i5

    Cheers mate I'll give it another go later Any reason to why that 10.8.5 kept failing? Could it be a damaged image I downloaded