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  1. Having the MacBook-like black keyboard on the MacBook Pro does make sense, since it is the only machine reamaining which has a non-standard keyboard. Apple started it with the MacBook, then they made an USB Keyboard with the same style for the iMac, then they added it to the Mac Pro line, then they put it on the MacBook Air - considering the Mac Mini doesnt come with a keyboard - The MBP should be updated anytime soon with this keyboard style.

    The magnetic latch may also be an obvios feature, and I believe they will make 1920x200 the standard resolution in the 17" model.

  2. Yeah, sorry, how stupid of me... using an evil Microsoft email account... may aswell hand my mac back.


    Maybe, just maybe, I have a .mac account, and a work account aswell... and maybe, I wanted to be able to access all of them in one convenient location.


    Thanks for your help...


    sorry man, it was really stupid from my part, seriously. I really meant you should get a gmail or yahoo account, they're much better anyway, and are really integrated with Leopard Mail

  3. My Dashboard loads slightly faster in Leopard. But the real improvement is that I noticed as Dashboard is loading, it feels like nothing else is effected in my system. Before, Dashboard would bring everything to a grinding halt as it loaded.


    I was just about to ask that, thanks :):angel:


    I totally agree, Dashboard on Tiger is so laggy and just sucks our ram, i'm sure there was spot for improvement.

  4. First you should know Mac OS X (Darwin) is NOT based on FreeBSD. It does have some code from it, but it is mostly based on the Mach kernel.

    Second, Compiz would no way be ported to OS X, cause it requires a X server with compositing capabilities, and as you all know, the UI on OS X is called Aqua, which is proprietary.

    And lastly, why would you want extra fancy effects on a system like OS X? Isn't all those Aqua transparencies, shadows and deforming window effects enough? I don't know...