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  1. I got Sierra running on my L702x not like TW build on Yosimite but it's acceptable, I hope TW get better and comes with another SCT OSX for Sierra. working Audio USB2/USB3 Display Wifi + ethernet + Bluetooth Not working Nec Renesas uPD720200 USB3.0 working now I didn't see the kext that jkbuha posted not option to turn off Bluetooth Camera It's not a 100% working build but I'm satisfied with the results, Thanks to TW and RehabMan
  2. Thanks for your suggestion, i tried it but didn't work in my situation. It happen only on Mac on Windows everything is working fine.
  3. I'm having problem apparently with the video on a Dell XPS L702X with 10.0.3 when I go to Youtube in some of the video when i go to full screen then the system freeze then i have to press power key to shut down, sometime when it goes to sleep mode and wake up then artifacts appear. I reinstalled a new installation of Yosemite but same problem. If i reinstall DELL SCT OSX Support Package 1.1.3 the sound and wifi does not work. I have to reinstall SCT like 3 to 5 in order to recognize sound and wifi again. when it happen i tried boot with no cache or touch system but nothing work. This is weird cause it was working fine in the past.
  4. I think that you mixed the installation that TW provide with other plugin, most of the time when you mix another fix with this installation, a lot of issues comes, maybe I'm wrong but we don't use Voodoo.
  5. I must wait until TW release a version for El Capitan.
  6. ty for reply! Me quedara con Yosemite hasta nuevo aviso.
  7. TW, any update for "El Capitan"?
  8. when you get those picture hit Alt+F5 it will turn VoiceOver on when you get the right screen you can hit Alt+F5 again to turn off VoiceOver
  9. I would like to test v1.1.3 when you update it in the OP.
  10. TW, I did a clean installation 10.10.3 on a L702x I think that HWMonitor doesn’t work on 10.10.3 so I installed the last version 6.16.1372 it is working but sometime when goes to standby it loss fan sensors info. In order to restore it I had to run KextUtility. Also I think that you already know but mute key only work visually but don’t mute the sound. Except of the minor issues that we already know everything is working.
  11. Regarding BCM94352, I think that TW already answered on post #886 and #911
  12. make sure you have a compatible wireless card, the card that comes with n4110 isn't supported.
  13. the card and label look same, the only different that i see is the sticker is on the other side of the card. mine has printed NB290 on the board that your pic is facing.
  14. try to reflash BIOS with cvan flag
  15. I did your advice but didn't fix the problem. for some reason when i installed SCT, nvram get corrupt so i reflash it with cvan flag and the problem solved.
  16. i will install SCT again, then i lets you know. cause while head jack was working fine sound speaker didn't, so i reinstall the CC above and problem fixed. UPD: i reinstalled SCT and now is stuck on boot after IOBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport
  17. you wrote that you have NB290, anyway here you have a link NB290
  18. 1 - when you ran SCT OSX Support Package did you select NB290 2 - if you have windows make sure to shut down from windows no just restart 3 - after everything is setup you don't have to boot with injected kext, just press ENTER 4 - for some reason the CodecCommander that come with SCT OSX doesn't work properly in my system, i have to use this one CC-D&R_test1.zip install it with Kext Utility v2.5.1 ​regarding wireless card i have the same card NB290 working with no issues.
  19. mine is 9e5:59e but is working fine.
  20. i got a n4110 and i don't have any problem with display. if im not wrong i think that i read TW saying there are 3 types of LCD for 4110 so he already had 2 EDID setting and missing 1. maybe you have the one that TW is missing.
  21. yes, very nice. i installed package v1.1.1 there is a notable change, temp has dropped like 5-8C in my system.
  22. Select "Clover OS X Boot" then press "DELETE" key, finally exit and save.
  23. maybe you don't believe me but, when i was on Mavericks 10.9.2 ( only on 10.9.2) i could restart from windows to Mac without losing headphone jack audio. UPD: IC, i'll be waiting for the next update to test it. the CC that you provide me it working perfect on my system. the one on 1.1.0 doesnt.
  24. TW, when i set hibernatemode to 7. i dont need to change NeverHibernate to false?