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  1. Virtualbox SL/L/ML and Core I7 Hasweel

    wow thank you! i've been having issues with my GA-Z87X-UD3 and i5 4670k. windows 7 as host. every bootdisk that would get past mach kernel missing errors would eventually start darwin and crash before gui or just black screen. got 10.8 running so i can FINALLY create a damn 10.9 install. this worked right away
  2. ah okay thank you. i will have to try that next. i ended up just reinstalling kexts with mbeast and that ended up working. UPDATE: installing default kexts to /System worked. linein wasnt working like it normally was for me so removed ALC885HDA so now just left with AppleHDA and HDAEnabler1 and all is well. only issue i'm finding is rebooting takes FOREVER. Shutdown works normally but reboot takes a couple minutes. might just be something with maverick though i haven't really looked much.
  3. i seem to always have issues with audio every update. i can't seem to get it working again. what is the process for audio with your scripts? ive previously used mbeast to get it working with previous updates. i "think" ive cleaned out the old ##### stuff and reran this script. it installed the kexts to /Extra but i still do not have audio. i have a ga-ex58-ud5 so its 889a default behaviour is it installs applehda, hdaenabler, and alc885hda to /Extra
  4. try this DSDT from the native power management thread http://www.insanelym...attach_id=65245 remove audio kexts as well. this did the trick for me. for some reason i lost audio recently (two days ago) from a 10.8.2 update (i could have sworn i was already on 10.8.2, found it to be rather weird) depending on your needs, you may need to use ALC885_889a.kext as well as the DSDT if you want better inputs/outputs.
  5. thanks! switched back to chameleon from clover thanks to this.
  6. used the package from iFIRE (http://www.insanelym...00#entry1880067) not sure if its any different from the one i built (never used) but the config.plist that was needed isnt there. used the tonymac config.plist (#####). after first boot i got black screen so teamviewered in and noticed serial/etc was good. imessages gave the same error though. so shutdown rebooted into clover again off usb and now imessage and the screen works. was able to login successfully (imessages was basically reset this time, had to add account and on my phone i got the message saying my computer was adding my account).
  7. for anyone who hasn't yet for whatever reason, upgrading to 10.8.1 is seamless if you're on a working 10.8.0 setup. nothing lost afaik.
  8. okay so i've got ML running on my EX58-UD5/GTX260 and everything appears to be working fine but i'm not %100 sure. I have ALC885_ALC889a.kext and AppleHDA.kext in the folder for system as well as RTC/SMC/IONetworking for Extra. I've run my DSDT through the patcher in your script, App Store/etc all works. But i'm curious if IONetworking or any of the audio kexts are needed with the DSDT patching. I've noticed my CPU fan runs a bit higher then normal compared to windows, is this normal? is there any ways to properly test that my DSDT has been properly patched for CPU/video/etc?
  9. Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 F13 Audio

    audio was no problem using the latest hackinstaller script for GA boards.
  10. i noticed this as well. i think its something to do with chameleon though as i did have that issue when i switched over to kakewalk from an older chameleon, and it persisted with the latest chameleon and lion. i tried that actually. it didn't seem to resolve the issue.
  11. i ran into the same issue. i had just booted from the usb stick but the install never came up. i restored the image again with new chameleon and my computer would lock up on post (or anytime the usb stick was inserted during bootup prior to OS loading). it has something to do with gigabyte mobos not liking HFS. the only thing i found that fixed the issue was formatting journaled AND case sensitive. but even then, that was likely just luck. i was ripping my hair out trying to figure out the issue but finally resolved it using that format.
  12. trying to install this on my ex58-ud5. i followed the guide to a T and boot the usb drive. it starts loading all the kexts etc (as far as i can see. the screen is scrolling REALLY fast) and then the computer just does a reboot. im unable to see any errors (if any) as the screen moves way too quickly. any advice?
  13. ive got a ga-ex58-ud5 that will not get sound. ive tried all these files from people who say 'it works' but i have a feeling they've done something else that is assumed to most. what is currently working for alc889a, and is there anything else associated with it? i tried the patched 885/889a files but it is not working for me. im currently running 10.6.7 but will be upgrading to .8 once sound works.
  14. anyone else have issues with kakewalk and snow leopard install? about half way through the install it says that some files could not be copied so the install fails. installing from 16gb usb thumb. EDIT: was a hdd failure. used a different and its good now. GA-EX58-UD5, post install (10.6) neither of my network cards were installed though. couldnt download 10.6.5 update for kakewalk installer to run after. had to reboot to get kext util/kext for network and was not able to boot back into the kakewalk install??? is this normal. it said no kake kernel exists on the drive anymore. EDIT: i didn't realize you had to boot from the usb stick still. regardless, did the combo update and im running fine right now GTX260 working, audio working, so im happy