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  1. D430 Broken LCD

    Hey yall, I recently installed lion using the guide in http://www.osxlatitude.com/. I managed to install with an external but after installing, I get a blank grey screen and i can move my cursor around. My question is can i disable the lcd that isnt there? I can tell liion thinks there is one because the mouse can move to the left but not the right. Thank you so much for reading. Bassicly im looking for a way to turn this broken d430 without screen into a mac mini sort off lol Here is my post on osxlatitude http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1251-disable-broken-lcd/
  2. Help Installing Uphuck 10.4.9

    some one pls help
  3. Help Installing Uphuck 10.4.9

    pls help
  4. Help Installing Uphuck 10.4.9

    i did that and now it shows
  5. Help Installing Uphuck 10.4.9

    all it says in the last parapraph is debugger called: <panic> Bactrace,format-frame:return address (4 potential args on stackthen it has a lot of numbers and stuffand then it saysbacktrace teminated:invalid frame pointer 0x0 heres a pic of it
  6. Help Installing Uphuck 10.4.9

    okay i did the whole thing all over but now when i load it it says i need to restart my computer and it also says it in different languages.
  7. Help Installing Uphuck 10.4.9

    okay im stuck.i installed the osx but when i try to load it it just says its looking for the root device. im thinking im choosing the wrong things in installation type.can anyone help me.my specs are at the link at the top.
  8. Help Installing Uphuck 10.4.9

    i got it working.I went to the bios and changed the sata support thing to adci and I can now see the drives.Thanks for your help.
  9. Help Installing Uphuck 10.4.9

    I only have 1 hard drive and no i have not installed any other os's.My harddrive is a st3120213as ata device. The full specs at http://www.datavis.com/cgi-bin/product.exe...68021&tab=3
  10. Help Installing Uphuck 10.4.9

    Noob here.im 13 years old so i dont know much. Anyway im stuck at the select destination. Yes i have tried diskutily and it only shows my dvd drive.