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  1. Hello. I'm not sure if there's a topic in the forums relating to this, but I would like to get this issue answered ASAP, if possible. The way my system is set up is that I have two HDDs: the primary disk is partitioned in two, one for XP and one for Vista while the second disk is for Mac OS X. The operating system entries are handled by Vista's boot manager. On Mac OS X, I have VMWare 1.1.2 installed and would like to virtualize both the XP and Vista partitions. I see the option of using a "Boot Camp partition" under the Virtual Machine Library, and when started brings me to the Vista boot loader by which the operating system entries are handled. But when I select either XP or Vista, it gives me an error that prevents me from booting to the respective OS. I cannot remember the error at this time of writing, but will post the information if necessary. I am sure that if if I had only one partition, the process would be a breeze, but with two other operating systems aside from Mac OS X, it is not. Would someone please help me on how to go about virtualizing both the XP and Vista partitions on my computer? Thank you very much.
  2. Hello, I am a first-time poster. I'm having some trouble running Leopard via the EFI Patch/GUID Partitioning Scheme...I've been using the BrazilMac_PatchedDVD disc without EFI, and it has been working rather well. I've been even to upgrade to 10.5.1 via repatching. Now I am following the guide of JamesD, and am able to get to the part where the .plist message shows up (which means the patching worked). But when I install Leopard, I am not able to boot into the system, and my machine ends up rebooting endlessly (guide says I can boot straight into Leopad without post-patch). I used the files provided by i_am...me, which includes EFI.sh and PostPatch.sh files. I don't know if I missed an implied step, I just followed the guide's directions. Maybe I was supposed to use some of those files said earlier, because I didn't... Could you guys help me out? I'm sorta confused about this. Below are some of my machine's specs: Dell Dimension 3000 Intel "Prescott" P4 @ 2.8GHz 1.25 GB PC3200 memory 82865G Chipset 80Gb HDD (with Leopard and Vista) + 40GB HDD (for XP MCE) GeForce FX 5200 128MB PCI card Oh! Also, does anyboby know if the Netgear WG111T USB Wireless Adaptor can be configured for Leopard, and even Tiger? I've read it is not supported by Apple, but any takers? Thanks for your input!