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  1. I totally missed a step actually, my bad. I gotta go but ill start over later and report back! EDIT: I got the drive bootable but now I get some kind of error, any idea what this means?
  2. Thanks a ton dude, I have learned a lot and can make my way around a terminal, but I am still learning of course! But I still get the "not a directory" problem, the file for the boot I have is called Chameleon-2.2svn-r2269.pkg, not sure where I find this "boot0" still. :/
  3. All went smoothly until the boot loader, this is what my terminal looks like, can someone please explain to me what I am doing wrong? jake@jake-LX ~ $ mount | grep OS\ X\ Mavericks /dev/sdc1 on /media/jake/OS X Mavericks type hfsplus (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks2) jake@jake-LX ~ $ sudo dd bs=446 count=1 if=boot0 of=/dev/sdc [sudo] password for jake: dd: opening `boot0': No such file or directory