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  1. How to install OSX on Inspiron 1420 and 1520

    Apparentley you dont need the partitoin for media direct. i deleted it and the home button still starts-up media direct.
  2. How to install OSX on Inspiron 1420 and 1520

    im dying for some network drivers (either wired or wireless) and some sound. cant wait when the day comes.
  3. How to install OSX on Inspiron 1420 and 1520

    is your wireless internet working? i could not get it to work at all. can you list the steps used to get it working?
  4. How to install OSX on Inspiron 1420 and 1520

    i have spent hours trying to update to 4.10 using both koolkal and pascalw installer but cannot get it to boot after installation. im just gonna accept defeat and not update my system untill leopard gets released.
  5. How to install OSX on Inspiron 1420 and 1520

    Its pretty much as detailed as i can describe. you should try using uphuck 1.4i r3 because i have a feeling it will make a difference. i didnt have to disabele anything in the bios except changing the hd to ata mode and turning off the flash (as described in the steps). but i do know what you are talking about because i have made numerous attempts to update to 4.10 using both koolkal and pascalw but have failed with both of them.
  6. Uphuck 10.4.10 update?

    does anybody know why i get the following error message after my installation reboot: "Diskarb isn't ready yet. We'll try again soon." I had a fresh install of uphuck 10.4.9i and then updated with koolkals update. Another thing to note, when i finished the installation and i hit the restart button, the little loading update circle came up but never restarted. i powered down and then restarted manually. Also, second reboot gave a kernel panic and i keep getting it now.
  7. are you using the 8400m graphics card, or the standard intel one? also, what wireless card are you using?
  8. How to install OSX on Inspiron 1420 and 1520

    DONE! Hope it gets used
  9. will try Koolkal update and post results.
  10. Uphuck 10.4.10 update?

    I hope somebody can help me, I had Uphuck 10.4.9i r3 installed perfectley. I used pascalw update, did custom install, and only installed the default package (which did not have sub-options). Now at bootup, i get a panic and need help on how to fix this.. I attached a screenshot of the panic message
  11. Need a driver for Broadcom 59xx

    First off, i bought a comparable system to a macbook pro for about 800 less? Second, macs dont come in 14" screen sizes? Third, Why are you in this forum if you dont want to help develop the osx on pc community? Fourth, i would buy osx if apple actually selss it. i think their hardware is a ripoff and their warranty sucks. Fifth, the word is ridiculous, not rediculour
  12. by work, what fo you mean. can can sucessfully edit the screen size with the 8400, but there are not specific drivers for those exact models.
  13. Need a driver for Broadcom 59xx

    i would need this as well. if nobody has this, could someone please refer me to a developer and i could pay to create one.
  14. Does anyone know what update will work with uphuck 10.4.9 v1.4i r3? I tried pascalw and it gave me that kernel panic screen where it says "you must restart" but it just does it over and over. What are the differences between 4.9 and 4.10? is it worth upgrade?
  15. How to install OSX on Inspiron 1420 and 1520

    i was thinking of installing a third linux partitoin, but dont see what i would use that for and my hd is only 160. Then again, i dont know much about linux at all.