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    i7 8700k gtx 1080

    @lolgc1 Hey, I have an almost identical setup, and have sleep issues. Is your sleep function working? Does your Mac actually sleep when choosing sleep function in Apple Menu? Just curious as it might help with my issue. TIA
  2. Hey guys, I hope you can help me solve a mystery. Even the amazing Mald0n has been working hard to help me find a solution, but now were are both stuck. Creative thinking or maybe just help to see the forest for the trees would be highly appreciated. PROBLEM: Mac will not sleep. Monitors sleep fine, and come back on with touch of keyboard. GPU and CPU coolers are constantly running on idle to low load and will not go on standby no matter what we have tried. Even when using full “Shut down” via apple menu the lights from the MoBo or GPU are pulsing slowly, which they normally dont as far as I recall. (This specific issue could possibly be solved by using ErP Ready in BIOS. Haven´t tested this since that´s a smaller issue ATM) Everything else seems to be working fine. This problem started appr a week ago, and I have no idea why. No major installs, updates or changes that I can think of. GOALS: • To be able to activate sleep via apple menu. • To have it sleep within 15-30 secs and wake up quickly (like it did before) via push on Power button TECH SPEC: • Running 10.13.6 • Asus Maximus X Hero Wifi • Gtx 1080 Ti • 32 GB Corsair RAM • Intel i7 8700K • 2 monitors via Displayport • 6 internal disks (2 HDD, 4 SSD) • 1 external backup • 1 internal USB hub/SD reader • 3rd party Bluetooth and Wifi (Asus MB not compatible) • No Blutooth mouse, KB etc WHAT I HAVE DONE SO FAR: • Used Mald0n’s custom DSDT with latest config • IUpdated to latest Security Update • Updated to latest BIOS • Updated NVIDIA webdriver and CUDA to latest • Disconnected LED monitors and tested with old Mac monitor via DVI to see if Displayports were the issue • Disabled Adobe CC Sync • Run CleanMyMac • No start-up apps or extensions in System Prefs • Disk Utility: checked all disks • Terminal: no info on wake reason at all. (Possibly because it doesn´t sleep, hence nothing is interrupting it). • Blutooth allowed to wake sleep: set to OFF • Power manager: only setting is “never switch off monitors”. The rest are off/unchecked • BIOS: Tested by setting "ErP ready" to S5 > no difference • DSDT and EFI folder screenshot attached. I think that’s it - otherwise just ask I have read a lot of articles on this type of issue, but none with a clear answer. So if anyone can solve this mystery, it would be amazing! Thank you in advance! Bauermac DSDT.aml.zip UPDATE: Of course it was something seemingly insignificant and stupid that prevented sleep: An unfinished PRINTER job.... After clearing the printer queue, it went to sleep but woke up immediately after due to a USB power issue. Possibly an internal USB/SD hub. Mald0n used his magic and made a new DSDT file to fix that, and now the machine is running almost perfectly apart from a fickle Bluetooth (fingers crossed). Hope this can help others out there with issues.
  3. Bump. Anyone who can help with this? I tried new drivers, no driver...anything I can think of. Still no change. Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated :)
  4. The UI and especially dock and main menus are “sticky” and laggy. Often the dock wont even show and mouse-over doesnt work on dock. As far as I can read, this is a problem with the current NVDIA driver (.105), and the latest (.108) was withdrawn from the Nvidia repository since it reportedly was buggy as hell. Updating to Mojave wont solve the issue, since there are currently no drivers for Mojave AFAIK. Anyone with a working fix for this issue? FYI the machine with the issue has a GTX 780, Asus Ranger VII MB and 4770K CPU. OS 10.13.6 Curiously my other mac running 10.13.6 and driver .105 works fine. Go figure. Specs for that mac in the signature.
  5. @AppleIIGuy Yup, thanks - I know I´m trying to find a work-around if one exists
  6. Thanks again, Dwarfy! I´ve signed up for the ASUS Rog board, so I´ll ask them if they have a solution
  7. Thanks again I´m doing some research to find some hack/solution for this, so far I haven´t found anything. I´m thinking there must be some BIOS setting or similar that can circumvent the disabling of SATA slot #1 when using M.2, but perhaps it´s a physical limitation. Not sure about your suggestion re NVMe in the M.2 slot. I just plugged in a "regular" M.2. SSD and it seems to work fine, but you may be right
  8. Thanks a lot, @Dwarfy for taking time to reply Yeah, I know I could probably get some other storage device, but the thing is; I already HAVE a 500GB Samsung SSD that I want to use instead of paying $$$ for another one I´ll check the AHCI limitation you mention, and see if I can somehow do something about my MB´s NVMe/SATA support. May be the only way to do it, since I don´t see any other options to connect the SSD internally. Thanks again!
  9. Hey, I want to use 7 drives on my ASUS X Hero MB. The MB supports up to 6 SATA drives, and also has 2 M.2 slots, so I thought it was possible to run at least 7 drives. Apparently, it isn´t that easy. I have a Samsung 850 EVO MZ-N5E500BW M.2 drive that I use as boot drive. It´s a SATA drive, and from what I can read, using a SATA drive in the M.2 slot will either disable one or two of the other SATA slots, depending on which type of M.2 setup you choose. So now I can only use a total of SIX slots in the machine for storage, which is a huge bummer, since I need the extra SSD drive. I can of course connect the extra SSD drive via an adapter and use an external USB port, but that´s a very impractical solution. QUESTION: Can anyone tell me if it´s possible to somehow connect 7 drives to my ASUS X Hero MB? (Buying a new PCIE M.2 drive is not an option, since the M.2 drive I have is the boot drive, and I don´t wanna F around with cloning, replacing etc) Thanks in advance!
  10. BauerMac

    Lagging UI

    It´s been a while since you posted this - but I suddenly experience some of the same issues: • Dock unresponsive and/or extremely slow • Mouse-clicks not sticking to menu (e.g. have to hold down mouse when picking from top menu. • UI overall just laggy and/or unresponsive as hell • Especially bad when running Firefox and Chrome simultaneously. • No clear indication in Activity Monitor of anything sucking the memory and/or CPU • Computer brand spanking new (see specs in signature) running High Sierra 10.13.2 • Restart doesn´t help • I had exactly same issue with older machine (running El Capitan) just before transitioning to new machine. • Thought it was related to a restart I did, where I changed languages which F´ed everything up. These issues came out of nowhere, meaning I didn´t just update macOS or install anything that slowed things down. Any suggestions?
  11. Believe me, I didn´t! I just saw the same revisions including your missing posts. No idea WTF is going on. Maybe some war between TM and this site > not wanting references to InsanelyMac? Edit: Just asked for a reason in the thread you are referring to.
  12. What are you talking about? I AM using your EFI folder...?? QUOTE: "I´ve also used your EFI folder (I believe it was slightly altered by Glasgood) and everything else is working fine." As I understood it, you were building your guide on Pastrychef´s guide, so I don´t understand what you mean?
  13. Yup, thanks - I figured it out after a few attempts And no other USB devices or wireless mouse. Right now everything is working on the machine (Yay!) except for sleep. I followed your Clover Configurator guidelines, but it can still only switch off screen, then wakes up again after a while. Any clue what to change in Clover Config or other place?
  14. Cool, can you please point us to it? - cos the original download link doesn´t work anymore UPDATE: Working now. Probably wasn´t done uploading. Thanks! UPDATE 2: OK, seems I have followed every instruction closely, yet I´m stuck in some weird boot loop. QUESTION ABOUT YOUR UPDATED EFI folder: The Clover GUI is different than before (no blurry mountain image anymore) and there is no patch for the STRIX motherboard. Just want to make sure everything is the same as before (apart from the removal of driver)? WHAT I DID: • Downloaded the original full installer from App Store. • Followed your instructions on creating installer USB and EFI • Used your latest EFI folder (from today) > Installs something in 1 minute or so, then goes back to Clover and asks me to "Boot Install fro Install macOS High Sierra" or "Boot macOS Install from [MY HARDDRIVE].
  15. Thanks! I actually found a solution: I just updated my El Capitan to latest version on my MacBook Pro - then I was allowed to download the full version of the installer. Hopefully this works - and is of help to others in the same situation All the best.