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  1. @AppleIIGuy Yup, thanks - I know I´m trying to find a work-around if one exists
  2. Thanks again, Dwarfy! I´ve signed up for the ASUS Rog board, so I´ll ask them if they have a solution
  3. Thanks again I´m doing some research to find some hack/solution for this, so far I haven´t found anything. I´m thinking there must be some BIOS setting or similar that can circumvent the disabling of SATA slot #1 when using M.2, but perhaps it´s a physical limitation. Not sure about your suggestion re NVMe in the M.2 slot. I just plugged in a "regular" M.2. SSD and it seems to work fine, but you may be right
  4. Thanks a lot, @Dwarfy for taking time to reply Yeah, I know I could probably get some other storage device, but the thing is; I already HAVE a 500GB Samsung SSD that I want to use instead of paying $$$ for another one I´ll check the AHCI limitation you mention, and see if I can somehow do something about my MB´s NVMe/SATA support. May be the only way to do it, since I don´t see any other options to connect the SSD internally. Thanks again!
  5. Hey, I want to use 7 drives on my ASUS X Hero MB. The MB supports up to 6 SATA drives, and also has 2 M.2 slots, so I thought it was possible to run at least 7 drives. Apparently, it isn´t that easy. I have a Samsung 850 EVO MZ-N5E500BW M.2 drive that I use as boot drive. It´s a SATA drive, and from what I can read, using a SATA drive in the M.2 slot will either disable one or two of the other SATA slots, depending on which type of M.2 setup you choose. So now I can only use a total of SIX slots in the machine for storage, which is a huge bummer, since I need the extra SSD drive. I can of course connect the extra SSD drive via an adapter and use an external USB port, but that´s a very impractical solution. QUESTION: Can anyone tell me if it´s possible to somehow connect 7 drives to my ASUS X Hero MB? (Buying a new PCIE M.2 drive is not an option, since the M.2 drive I have is the boot drive, and I don´t wanna F around with cloning, replacing etc) Thanks in advance!
  6. BauerMac

    Lagging UI

    It´s been a while since you posted this - but I suddenly experience some of the same issues: • Dock unresponsive and/or extremely slow • Mouse-clicks not sticking to menu (e.g. have to hold down mouse when picking from top menu. • UI overall just laggy and/or unresponsive as hell • Especially bad when running Firefox and Chrome simultaneously. • No clear indication in Activity Monitor of anything sucking the memory and/or CPU • Computer brand spanking new (see specs in signature) running High Sierra 10.13.2 • Restart doesn´t help • I had exactly same issue with older machine (running El Capitan) just before transitioning to new machine. • Thought it was related to a restart I did, where I changed languages which F´ed everything up. These issues came out of nowhere, meaning I didn´t just update macOS or install anything that slowed things down. Any suggestions?
  7. Believe me, I didn´t! I just saw the same revisions including your missing posts. No idea WTF is going on. Maybe some war between TM and this site > not wanting references to InsanelyMac? Edit: Just asked for a reason in the thread you are referring to.
  8. What are you talking about? I AM using your EFI folder...?? QUOTE: "I´ve also used your EFI folder (I believe it was slightly altered by Glasgood) and everything else is working fine." As I understood it, you were building your guide on Pastrychef´s guide, so I don´t understand what you mean?
  9. Yup, thanks - I figured it out after a few attempts And no other USB devices or wireless mouse. Right now everything is working on the machine (Yay!) except for sleep. I followed your Clover Configurator guidelines, but it can still only switch off screen, then wakes up again after a while. Any clue what to change in Clover Config or other place?
  10. Cool, can you please point us to it? - cos the original download link doesn´t work anymore UPDATE: Working now. Probably wasn´t done uploading. Thanks! UPDATE 2: OK, seems I have followed every instruction closely, yet I´m stuck in some weird boot loop. QUESTION ABOUT YOUR UPDATED EFI folder: The Clover GUI is different than before (no blurry mountain image anymore) and there is no patch for the STRIX motherboard. Just want to make sure everything is the same as before (apart from the removal of driver)? WHAT I DID: • Downloaded the original full installer from App Store. • Followed your instructions on creating installer USB and EFI • Used your latest EFI folder (from today) > Installs something in 1 minute or so, then goes back to Clover and asks me to "Boot Install fro Install macOS High Sierra" or "Boot macOS Install from [MY HARDDRIVE].
  11. Thanks! I actually found a solution: I just updated my El Capitan to latest version on my MacBook Pro - then I was allowed to download the full version of the installer. Hopefully this works - and is of help to others in the same situation All the best.
  12. Hey, I have a bunch of issues installing High Sierra on my new build. As far as I can tell the biggest problem is getting the correct MacOs Installer. The ones I have tried either don´t show up in Clover (no Installer icon), or keep looping when booting. • I have tried downloading High Sierra via my (El Capitan) MacBook Pro - but App store won´t allow me to download more than the small 19 MB version. • I tried signing up to Apple´s Beta program, but no full version of High Sierra is available there either. • I have downloaded via some "macOS High Sierra Patcher.dmg" I found - but the installer was corrupt somehow. • I downloaded a .dmg file from another source - but that version seems to be completely wrong (says the Installer version is 13.0.63 (1363) but I can´t find any reference for that installer anywhere, so it´s probably fake or corrupted) Can anyone help me find a source of an ORIGINAL, working, FULL version of the High Sierra Installer? Or perhaps tell me a way to download the full version from App Store? Either 10.13.2 or just the first version; 10.13.0 That would be a HUGE help! Thanks a lot in advance
  13. @Glasgood, thanks! In think it might be the wrong version of High Sierra I´m using. I downloaded the full version of the latest 10.13.2 (5.2GB public beta) offsite because there is apparently no way I can download it to my Hackintosh (Apple thinks the model is too old because of model ID), and my MBP can only download the 19MB version even though it´s perfectly good to go spec wise. I even signed up for the Beta versions, but cannot download anything there either. Which version were you able to download? 10.13.2? From AppStore? Or did you use 10.13.1 and then update from that?
  14. @glasgood Thanks! Then I have done it correctly. However, the "Install MacOS High Sierra" installer still doesn´t show up in the Clover bootloader when I start the machine. After many attempts, I still only have the blurry background picture and some icons with settings etc. What I know so far: • The EFI partition on my USB is recognized, otherwise Clover wouldn´t show up. • Installer icon doesn´t show in Clover, so I´m guessing I´m either missing some file that points to the installer, or there´s something wrong with the installer. If anyone has a clue, I´m all ears since next stop is the insane asylum
  15. @Glasgood Back to my new Hackintosh: I´m a bit confused about your guide and advice. You´ve shown 3 different versions of what´s supposed to be on the USB installer and accompanying EFI partition. • First version suggests you add the EFI folder and the nvram.plist file to the EFI partition. • Next version shows adding only the EFI folder to the EFI partition, and somehow having an EFI-BACKUPS folder on your "Install macOS High Sierra" USB drive/folder. • Video you uploaded shows only the EFI folder is added to the EFI partition Can you please tell me if I need the nvram.plist in the EFI-folder or not - AND if I need the EFI-BACKUPS next to the "Install macOS High Sierra" on my USB? If I need the EFI-BACKUPS, can you please upload that folder? The only other way to create that is by going thru Clover, and I´m trying to use your setup (and not use Clover) to confuse the situation as little as possible. Thank you!