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  1. Hi, update to 10.10.3 went fine, just needed to update Nvidia Driver after update and it booted like a charm. BUUUT ... I realized several random freezes in 10.10.3. So I went back to 10.10.2 where I never hat freezes. Don´t know why, anyone suffering same thing?
  2. I just have Apple Keyboard with bluetooth dongle for Magic Mouse, USB-Speaker and a printer, which I rarely turn on. Thats all. I will give it a try. Thank you.
  3. I don´t really want to fresh install, have all my settings and programs installed. Don´t think it is a osx-software problem. More kexts and configuration, these I can change on my running system. Besides, I have changed the RAM to Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB instead of the Crucial Ballistix sports. Deleted some Sensorkexts in EFI. Uptime now 10h without issues, wow config.zip
  4. ok, thanks, should be working with this compressed config file. config.zip
  5. Sorry, can´t attach files. This is my config file and System shows iMac late 2013
  6. Hi folk, after several years with real mac mini I built up a mackintosh because of the variability. But run into problems from the beginning. Succeeded in installation of mavericks and updating to 10.9.4. But I have a lot of random kernel panics, since several weeks just suddenly reboot without seeing any errors. Even while just surfing without flash or anything. Tried a lot of advices from the board, but none helped me. My specs: Gigabyte Z87-MX-D3H Intel CPU i4670K 2x4 GB RAM Crucial Ballistix sport No graphic card two SSD and two 3,5 HDD that´s all Audio, GPU and Ethernet working Clover bootloader I even tried to increase RAM Voltage to 1,6V, did not help. Inside my kexts folder I have FakeSMC, AppleIntelE1000e, AppleHDA and several Sensor kexts. Memtest unter ubuntu passed without problems. Change the RAM banks. What else information do you need to help me out? I attached my config file.
  7. Dear folk, i have imovie 08 installed and when connecting Canon HF100 via USB it is recognized by osx as removable but imovie says " no camera connected. Any idea? I have 10.5.5. thank you