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  1. I am having a few problems after a solid installation... I need drivers for my ATI Radeon 9800 Pro and my Soundblaster Audigy 2 THX soundcard. I tried the Soundblaster USB support package but it freezes my computer. Is there a way to remove the package without reinstalling osx86? Has anyone found a driver that will work with this video card? Does osx86 support dual monitors? When I try to click on the About This Mac menu item, the computer sort of reboots. It sort of closes all the windows and then opens them again, as if to re-auto-login the current user and start the session over. Any thoughts?
  2. Can anyone point me to a doc or a post that outlines how to create a patched image of an original isntall disc? I have an original disc and the universal kernel but im not sure of the process to add it to the disc/image. I then want to copy this new image to a usb external drive and boot from that rather than blowing through DVDs each time i try something. Any posts or docs online for these tasks would help and be appreciated. Thanks again.
  3. Dell xps gen 1 any one try this?

    I don't know mwhat XPS I have but I would assume its a gen1 because I got it like 3 years ago when the XPS line first came out. I am trying to install the mac OS on it also and I keep getting the reboot as well after pressing enter, or -v. I am stuck at this point...I can't get any further than this step. I could use a little guidence. Could it be a video issue? incompatible chipset? incorrect kernel on the discs we are using? I am trying 10.4.8 and my startup volume says "hd(2,1) Mac OS X Install Disc x86. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I just wanted to add that my XPS is a desktop and not a laptop
  4. I have been trying to install osx86 on a Dimension XPS but I am having a problem. The DVD is definitely bootable and the Darwin bootloader runs. At the boot: prompt I press enter and the computer just reboots and does this all over again. Any suggestions to get past this? Could it be a bad DVD image? Any guides out there on how to create your own patched image from an original install disc? I have a spare external hard drive I could recreate the image on and boot via USB if that may help. Thanks to anyone who replies.