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    My ML Crash When RAM gets almost full

    Now i found that crashing my system not related to full memory. actually i found my system has 2 type of crash. 1st : when chromium was opened and RAM gets full my system crashed , that solved by reinstall chromium browser. 2st: some times my system crashed that irrelevant any thing. in this case mouse and keyboard didn't work properly and mouse has jumping move. please help me to solve 2st problem. Sorry for my bad English.
  2. I Installed 10.8.2 and update it to 10.8.5 . Now My System Crash When I Open Some applications and RAM gets almost full. In this Situation i had screen and mouse pointer work but any program suddenly not responding. Please Help Me. My System: { CPU : INTEL Pentium ® 2.2 Dual Core Graphic: AMD Radeon 5450 RAM : 2GB DDR2 Patriot MB : ASUS PSKPL SE } Sorry For my bad English.