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  1. Now this is disappointing, how many years have passed since the OP posted his query? I was hoping to find an answer to this query as i used my now dead MBP for multimedia production and was hoping to do the same with my mackintosh...
  2. Indeed this post is almost a year old but it has helped me immensely, I had my second MBP die on me, so this project is keeping me sane as I can't readily afford $2500 for another laptop at present besides the (S)ThinkPad T500 I picked up second hand gets the basics done I await the rest of the parts I ordered to build my (second due to this posting) Hackintosh so I can return to my more advanced musings, some would say, "You should save up, wait it out, & buy another MBP. You can't use a Hackintosh daily for mission critical tasks!" I shall endeavor to prove all the naysayers wrong!!! Thank you again!!!