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  1. No need to be sarcastic - I'm stuck here...
  2. Worked, up to the point when I ran the iATKOS_ML2 installation... Now it's halted at: ..Loading kernel cache file 'System\Library\Cacheszcom.apple.kext.caches\Startup\kernelcache'... root device uuid is '.......' ++++++++++++++++++++ Any ideas what the problem would be?
  3. Bootdisk Utility

    Thanks cVaD - after a few hours of trying, everything fell in the places. Next step is to configure Clover to run with my new motherboard, which seems like the much bigger task. This is what worked for me: 1. Download, unzip and run BootDiskUtility 2. Insert 8GB or larger USB drive 3. Click on Format Disk, you'll get a warning that all info will be destroyed, which is of course expected when formatting a drive 4. My guess is that this would be a good time to tweak the Clover config and maybe use the Tools->Clover FixDsdtMask Calculator (?) 5. Next run Tools->Extract HSF(HFS+) Partition from DMG-file. This will convert your DMG file to HFS 6. Select Part2 and click on Restore Partition, then select the HFS file created above. This will transfer it to the second partition on your USB drive. This takes time... 7. Eject the drive and you're ready to run it on your hackintosh.
  4. First G5 mod finished - but how to install the OS?

    Point taken. Will stick to what's available on this site.
  5. First G5 mod finished - but how to install the OS?

    What would be the preffered method to install Mavericks? I've been looking at [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and myHack and not sure which one to choose. Are there others? Which one would work the best for a first time installer?
  6. My old G5 PowerPC has finally received a new breath of live with a brand new Intel i7-4770K on a Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC motherboard. Need not say that it runs like a dream even without overclocking, which of course was expected considering how slow the old system was. Ubuntu installed without a glitch - hands down this is the better OS, but I do need OS X installed too. Here, the following problem emerged - in order to install the latest Mavericks, I need MacOS 10.6.8 or above. The old hard drive still has the 10.4.1 for PowerPC, which is of no use. Do I really need to install Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion before installing Mavericks? Can I use another Mac do donwoload Mavericks and create installation USB flash drive without installing an older OS first? My guess is that this problem has appeared here before as G5 mods are common. ps - the G5 mod looks brilliant and I'm very pleased with it. Totally worth the time and money spent and is a lot of fun too. Will post some pictures when I get the optical and hard drives installed and running.
  7. Newbie question...

    After spending a few nights reading the posts and contacting The Laser Hive (is this you Minihack?), I've decided to cut the case. This is mostly due to my unexperience with building G5s, or as a matter of fact - any other PC. Another factor is time, as I need a working computer sooner than later. So, I placed an order for an ATX 120 low version tray and backplate + front panel conversion. The later one mostly due to the fact that I often felt that I need 2xUSB ports at the front panel. The next rather difficult choice will be the motherboard. As Mr.D suggested, it will be a Gigabyte, mostly for proven compatability. But here the nightmare begins - where do I start? I'll need something with USB3, ethernet, HDMI and maybe WiFi. I'm on a tight budget, so cannot splash out too much.
  8. Newbie question...

    Thanks for the answer Mr.D. Keeping it as original as possible sounds very appealing. Going with Gigabite and nVidia is also a good as I'll be installing MacOS on it. Is there a post somewere with your case mod? And one more question - did you manage to reuse any of the parts from the G5, like the power unit or the fans? Thanks
  9. Newbie question...

    Hi there, Just joined the forum and loving the posts. So many different ideas.... Would anyone help with my query: Got a Power mac G5 with all the insides and would like to do a G5 case mod with it - gut it all out and fit with up-to-date motherboard, CPU, etc. Looks not important, functionality and price are. The problem is, as mentioned before, I am a complete newbie. Where do I start? Thanks in advance.
  10. So, how did it all go? Everything hanging nicely together? I've got an old G5 and will be looking to make a similar conversion. As I'm completely new to this forum - any advise will be appreciated. Thanks!