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  1. I would have one very specific question - I am not sure if that is even possible but if so and if anyone would know an answer I would greatly appreciate it. Here it goes: I bought a Lenovo compliant AR9285 with AR5B195 chipset which inherently contains the pesky AR3011 BT as well ... this is where my issue starts - My Lenovo T430i has a bitchy whitelist - the only one Hardware ID is the one which gets reported by the Bluetooth Subsystem ID ... so - the actual question - is there any way to actualy MOD the whole AR3011 BT Controller out, so it no longer even is visible to the System on boot or even after boot - if not, is there any way for me to alter the Subsystem ID which it identifies with to something which would not collide with my bios whitelist? Either way, the T430i does already have a present BT Adapter which Comes with it hence I do not even want the 3011 Adapter (which doesnt even seem to properly work under Windows). Hope someone here can help.
  2. 10.8.2 Final! (C54)

    I somehow can´t download any attached files anymore
  3. Well and now apple is contemplating a possible switch from intel to their own in house developed CPU ... Possibly a derivative of a 64-bit ARM processor ... With some skilled patching we may get future OS x versions running comfortably on our Android tablets LOL ... There goes the iPad LOL
  4. Giving up on OSx86 and OS X

    I know this thread is like MEGA MEGA old ... however if I could convince our original poster to try my setup I am quite certain he will be very pleased with the results under OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion ... unless he really gave up: http://www.mlosx86.com/tutorials/building-your-mac-pro.html
  5. LOL ... love this thread, so I do have a suggestion on how to get your dad to comply with your wish, next time this becomes an issue, you just take your dad's camaro (if you're lucky its a transformer and his name is bumble pee ... errm ... bee) to school ... I am certain if your dad has to choose between u taking his camaro or your macbook he'll rather let you take your macbook ROFLOL P.S. Just because I make reference to an action that might bee seen as an terror act against your dad does not make me a terrorist ROFLOL
  6. Should I overclock my CPU?

    I would personally advise against overclocking your cpu - best thing you really can do is just get a better board and faster cpu, it doesn't even have to be top of the line nor expensive. By overclocking a older cpu u r risking stability issues and if it goes all the way wrong ur cpu will give out on you and you will be forced to replace it / upgrade anyways. If you still insiston overclocking, make sure you have beyond adequate cooling for that chip available for it will be getting probably very HOT! I did just put OSX 10.7 on a friends laptop which is fairly recent in make but yet with a older Core2Duo in it ... temperatures without OC were at approx. 158 F ... interestingly my Desktop running a Core i5 Sandy Bridge CPU hardly ever gets ever near 102 F ... so yeah older cpus run quite a bit hotter ...
  7. I personally would advise strongly to get a new graphics card ... and by new I am not refering to a "brand spanking new and expensive" card ... just get a used older Nvidia GT240 ... first of all it will work with snow leopard + it will still work even with 10.7 Lion & 10.8 mountain lion - and no, running OSX without 2D/3D acceleration is a pain and not really worth it. Here is a post of hardware I recommend if you are planning on ever building a completely new machine - if not - just use the graphics card I mention: http://www.mlosx86.com/tutorials/building-your-mac-pro.html
  8. It happened to me once with a brand new computer ... turned out the powersupply was to weak to handle the draw from the graphics card, replaced the sucker with a stronger one of a good brand name and it's been working ever since just fine. If you are lucky - it's the same problem on your end - if you are unfortunate and had a {censored}tier power supply than the one I had it might have blown some caps on ur mainboard - which you normally would be able to see by visual inspection ... loot at your mainboard and see if you can see any capacitors (little black or brown cylindric looking things) where the top looks like it has been bent outward .... if the top is flat/even ... u should be fine by just getting a new power supply.
  9. LOL, well if a hackintosh isn't able to kill people what else could it possibly be good for? ROFLOL *j/k* P.S. I'm jus havin a 'retarded day' - and - a retarded day without proper sarcasm is just unthinkable LOL
  10. My new Website

    Nice site bro, wished someone would give me feedback about my new site
  11. http://www.mlosx86.com What do u guys think about that one?
  12. Hi guys, Quick question: I have a Legacy Machine (Pentium D 3.4GHz) running 10.6.8 with original 10.6.8 ATI Extensions (all of them) ... QE/CI running smoothly, GraphicsEnabler=Yes, AnVAL 5.1.4 loader, and PCIe Sapphire Radeon HD4650 1GB DDR2 Ultimate ..... how does that Custom Personalities thingie work in 10.6.8? No matter what I enter at the bootloader, I always get ATY,ATY, RadeonFramebuffer as personality ... as of Kabyl or Chameleon, Chimera etc. they refuse to boot with GraphicsEnabler=yes and return to me just a black screen Any ideas or maybe links to posts covering my particular circumstances? Many Thanks in Advance, Pete
  13. Hi guys, Here is the scenario: After a lot of fiddling around and figuring the proper sequence of installing things I finally got a (almost) PERFECT install on my HP Compac DC7600 CMT (4GB DDR2, Pentium D 950 3.4GHz, ATI Radeon HD4650) ... everything absolutely EVERYthing works and all updates are installed - OS is Mac OS X Server 10.6.8 - except for audio - neither the oboard sound (ALC260) nor the built in 7.1 Multi Channel Sound through HDMI does work - however VodooHDA does recognise a HDMI Audio Digital Out and loads a driver unfortunately the device it recognizes has the wrong Device ID ... in Windows my HDMI Audio is recognised as VEN_1002&DEV_AA01 ... under OS X it is recognized under VEN_1002&DEV_AA38. I did look around the other threads if I could find something even remotely similar before posting my question here - there are similar posts but on different hardware so not sure if the instructions would really work. I would be grateful for any hints / suggestions which would lead to my HDMI Audio working (obout the onboard ALC260 I dun care) because then I could ditch damn windows for good. Thx in advance guys.
  14. The Ultimate PC Mac

    It was a bit tricky at first - the SONY Vaio VGC-RB50 was a tempting offer at Future Shop for only CAN $699 and i thought what the f*** - lets get one - so I did, it took me longer to create the restore DVD set than create a dual boot config with OSX 10.4.3 LOL, everything just plain works, Core Image, Quartz Extreme, Monitor Detection, Firewire, S.M.A.R.T. status check even my iSight (initially intended for my ibook G4) works great with it Only one thing bothers me (as a developer) - there seems to be no properly operational version of OS X Server for x86, no - I found my way around to use webmin and other management utilities with success with the version but it sure as hell would kick ass if there was a way to make osx server work on intel I'd have then so many clients to convert I'd have $ bills comin out of my ass And yes - as of today - confirmed - version 1099 of 10.4.3 runs skype and QuickTime 7.1 flwlessly, looks like apple is in no rush to "block" the PC phenomena