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  1. Darwine - wine 0.9.42

    Thanks a lot! I have it working now. On another note, does anyone know how to enable recognition of japanese character. Right now darwine shows garbled text for names that are in japanese. (these names are within the program) when the program is run in windows the japanese text shows up fine.
  2. Darwine - wine 0.9.42

    Hi neotux, could you describe specifically what you changed to get the Sound working, and change the colors? I think some of the additional changes that are in the User.reg file breaks some applications in Darwine. (In my case whenever I try to run a certain app, I get an error loading rsaenh.dll, this doesn't occur when I use the orginal User.reg)
  3. Fusion VS Parallels

    Well it's not entirely useless, because it can show you the items that are running in your Windows TaskBar.
  4. Fusion VS Parallels

    that option lets me see the start menu... but I can't use it... like when i click start, its like I'm clicking on an image, nothing happens.
  5. Fusion VS Parallels

    I just switched to Fusion, previously I had been using the latest Parallels. And you can definetly tell the difference in terms of speed. It starts up WAY faster and doesn't slow down OS X (noticeably) in the process. However, I do miss some things from Parallels, all though they are all cosmetic rather than issues of functionality. For Example when I switch to full screen there is no "cube" animation, and the VMware window itself is kinda ugly. VMware also has a preference (I don't remember exactly what it was) of something like priority to Mac OS apps or to the Virtual Machine (it was defaulted to virtual machine, and i switched it to Mac OS apps... but I felt like that slowed everything down very slightly... maybe its just me.) Another point is that unlike parallels' coherence you cant make the start menu show up for when you are using VM's Unity. It has it's own application launcher, which is rather unfortunate if you want to access the windows explorer so that you can use windows context menu items. (maybe there is a way to access windows explorer but its not as straight forward as it is with getting to folders from the start menu) Cometics aside, however, VMware seems to be much more resource efficient when running windows. (I was using it with Windows XP via Boot Camp partition)
  6. Optimized Firefox for Intel

    Nice release, thanks! (I use your darwine build as well!)
  7. Universal Requests?

    I realize its been over a year (lol) and you've probably already found a solution, but incase you havent, MAME OSX is universal and is still maintained. You can find it here: http://mameosx.sourceforge.net/
  8. Optimized Firefox for Intel

    Does this build work as intended for normal core duo (yonah)?