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  1. So, FIXED! It was the kernel, no wonder if I used rc1 instead of the latest. Thank you all for you support.
  2. No, rapairing permissions did not work. I also tried to delete the profile and reinstall chrome, nothing. Though I might have done the profile thing not properly, so I'm going to try e few times more now, especially that Norton, on amd-osx.com has just given me a link with instructions: https://superuser.com/questions/1092864/google-chrome-not-saving-passwords-prompting-to-save-but-not-saved I also thought about trying different kernels but it looks like Shaneee 10.11.x RC1 is the only one that currently supports 10.11.6. Unless the others are ok too with 10.11.6? And where would I find these? Looks like I'm using an outdated kernel.
  3. Ok, so that's new and it makes sense. Thanks. I'll check that tomorrow cause I've already switched off the desktop. But strange, it occurs on completly clean 10.11.6 install, clean chrome install and immediate login in to chrome. Well, yes it is no good because even when i log into google account, the browser doesn't get me my passwords, only logins.
  4. Well I can't stick with just Yosemite, cause Logic Pro X 10.3.2 has El Capitan minimum requirements. I guess I'll have to dual boot, 10.10 for everyday use and 10.11 for Logic. And yes, I have written here on amd dev forum and on amd-osx.com (Shane is on both), but no response from the author yet. I've just noticed, devs have been working for some time now on 10.12 for non sse4 cpu's, so hopefuly we'll be able to switch to 10.12 in the near future ... or I'll switch to Asus Z97 and some i7 by that time
  5. Ok that's clear now, I just thought I was to change the language in chrome Logging into chrome isn't a problem. It is chrome synchronisation when reopend. Now when I click my name in the upper right corner, it says (screen 1) but it also sais I AM logged in (screen 2), I also have had turned on syncing all the stuff in chrome. Going to check now the imported in safari... checked - there are just a couple of passwords there in safari from the times safari was my main browser. Now chrome and google account has been my main browser for some 10 years or so so all my passwords are kept in google account.
  6. I've just tried to set the language to english, apparently it's harder than I though. Yes it asks if it should remember passwords each time i log in to a "new" site. After reopening chrome, same site is "new" again. Edit: Look, that's interesting. It seems that I AM logged in to chrome google id, the problem is with synchronisation, not google id password, thats when I reopen chrome. But right after chrome is installed it does sychronise my favourites, apps and so on, but apparently not the site passwords In the right upper corner "wyloguj się" stands for "log out", so it looks I'm still logged in. And the red "zaloguj się ponownie by rozpocząć synchronizację" means "log in again to begin synchronisation". So it looks like it is 10.11 that is to be blamed for this, but especially some amd/kernel related issue, cause on my makbook 10.11 everything is ok. Here with the amd its a clean install, and I've installed this 10.11 a few times now, each time same problems.
  7. Herve thanks for your interest. My Chrome version under 10.10.5 is 62.0.3202.89 (Official version) (64-bit), and under (problematic) 10.11.6 it is ... also 62.0.3202.89 (automatic update). So the story goes like, I log into google id on chrome, it loggs mi in, in websites form it shows my logins but never shows passwords (it does under 10.10.5). When I quit chrome and reopen it, the main google id password is forgotten but the login is remembered. Under 10.10.5 Everything is perfectly ok. Here's the screenshot, passwords are turned on:
  8. I was going to say that, That's why 10.11 can be run on my CPU. There's something else going on. And SSE4 requirement starts from 10.12, all previous mac os intel versions can be ran here on amd (provided there's a custom kernel). That's a well known bug about that x64 exception type error, that on cpu's like mine it is not possible to boot 10.11 from clover, I'm currently booting 10.11 from Enoch and everything is fine, so that's Clover (especially the dev's don't want to support older cpu's) problem, not amd or 10.11. Ok but this bug with chrome not keeping password is when I boot from Enoch (chameleon), as I can't boot it from Clover, so I thought there was sth wrong with Shane's kernel, still to do with SSE instructions.
  9. That's not the point, they're both absolutely stable, and still have enuch power for my needs so, no this not faith, nor the answer to my question. No it is not browser settings related problem, on both versions of mac os the chrome builds are the same, and mac os'es re clean installed. On 10.10.5 chrome remembers the pasword from the beginning and in 10.11. with Shane's kernel it never does. Edit: Now you're talking, I thought so about the SSE4 instructions.
  10. Hi. I'm currently using Shane's 10.11.6 and 10.10.5 amd, the latest Enoch. I'm on an older cpu - Phenom II x4 B50 (unlocked two cores from x2 550) and cannot go higher than 10.11 nor can use clover on 10.11 (x64 exception), and I'm kind of stuck the two system situation. The problem is: - 10.11.x doesn't keep chrome password (google account password). That problem doesn't occur in 10.10.5. So for everyday use I boot to 10.10.5 and for work I have to boot into 10.11.6, because of some apple software that the newest version is supported by 10.11. Is it particularly sth with the kernel or is it bootloader. This is the only thing that keeps me from 10.11.6 everyday use.