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  1. UVC Webcam works in safe mode, but not in regular boot

    Thanks bud, worked great!
  2. Installed Mavericks on Toshiba L75 laptop (i3 haswell, hd4600 graphics). The laptop has a built in UVC camera. When i boot in safe mode, the camera works fine, its detected as the following: Model ID: UVC Camera VendorID_1266 ProductID_46001 Unique ID: 0x1a14000004f2b3b1 It reports as Toshiba 2.0 mp camera when I boot regularly, the camera is not detected and it isn't listed in system report. I'm wondering if there is some kext that is loading when not booting in safe mode that is preventing the system from recognizing the camera. I would imagine it has to do with a USB extension, but the camera isn't seen under the USB bus, it just reports as a camera when in safe mode.
  3. 1st Hackintosh ever! single hpxw8600 Xeon QC X5450 3.0Ghz 4gb Ram Settings -turned off all virtualization in BIOS -enabled combined SATA/IDE mode in BIOS -video worked with Graphics Enabler=Yes. -used an old version of BCM5722d for network. Having issues with connection dropping under heavy load, but I noticed an upgrade to the kext might fix that. -used latest voodoohda for sound. Issues: -tried with "separate ide controller setting" in BIOS first. Would only see IDE Hd. apparently mobo doesn't support full AHCI mode, and I can only get OS to see 1 sata hd in combined SATA/IDE mode. No fix yet, but working on it -had to apply the voodoohda half volume fix in .plist -used bootloader, had connection issues with imessage server. used chameleon wizard to fix -as mentioned above, broadcom nic drops connection under heavy load (bittorrent in particular), requires reboot. Will apply upgrade which will hopefully address this issue. Thank you to all those who have gone before and simplified this process so much. And to all the coders and testers, I appreciate all of effort and keep up the good work! If anyone wants further detail about specs, settings or issues, I can be more specific if needed. A side note: HP workstations are readily available on ebay, as companies upgrade and sell off excess inventory. I would highly recommend the xw8600, although others with different xeon cpu's including dual configurations might work just as well. I plan to add a 2nd cpu to my configuration, but am having trouble locating one with the exact stepping i need.