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  1. Booting from seperate hard drives

    Kontro, I have a dv9000 and it would not allow me to Dual boot from the second drive. i deleted the recovery partition, shrank the windows partition, and use the second hard drive as storage. If you want to try it with a bootloader, I'd go with SuperGRUB (thats what I use when my boot options go screwy).
  2. HP dv6000 & dv9000 series

    Alright, I have a DV9230, so here's what I have and what I've gotten working: BTW, I'm running 10.4.10 GeForce Go 7600 (running at 1440x900 using Titan Drivers) [no banding!] Sound: AzaliaHD Patch (thanks InsanelyMac!) External Keyboard (ZBoard -- not patched to any games, just the normal keyboard). External USB Optical Mouse USB Ports are all functioning SD Card - NOT WORKING! Internal Webcam NOT TESTED Headphone Outputs / Mic Input NOT WORKING IR Media Remote (works perfectly as long as you use the left and right keys instead of the song selection). Top Media Buttons (volume and mute work, everything else is non responsive). Wireless: Intel 3945 (need I say more) Bluetooth (external D-link) [plug and play] Total HD: 200 GB 10 Gig OSX86 Drive the other 190 is for Windows, Apps, and Storage Perfectly dual boots between Vista (which I haven't booted to in a week) and OSX 10.4.10.
  3. My call with Apple Support

    575 Diggs... Mucho Grats!
  4. Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    Avatar 8/10 for awesome camera work Sig 5/10 for wordiness (I have ADHD)
  5. my real name is mitch. my nickname is meeyotch. Hook 2 and 2 together
  6. Introduce Yourself

    My name is Mitch (aka meeyotch). I work as a graphic designer by day and a video gamer by night. I've always wanted a personal mac but never got the funds. My PC works fanatastic as a hackintosh, and I hope that by sticking around here I can learn how to make it better!
  7. HP DV9000 Vista Dual Boot

    I'll try adding that in to see if it helps at all. thanks!
  8. HP DV9000 Vista Dual Boot

    You'll have to forgive me, I am a coding nerd but I still don't understand all of it (I'm trying to learn more as I go and as I need to). What would that do for me? Here's a screenie of the successful transplant as well!
  9. So, I decided that my Ubuntu Install wasn't doing what I needed, so after searching the Internet, I found OSX86. Here's what I have on my computer: HP DV9000 Series 2 Gig Ram Dual Core Processor (1.4 Ghz) 2x100 non-raid HD (that's important for my story) Conexant HD Audio IPW 3945 Card A Hint to anyone who has a notebook with more than one HD: you MUST Partition off part of the primary hard drive (disk0 in laymans terms). I tried it on my 2nd hard drive with no success. After partitioning disk0 it booted first time correctly. I'm running a Vista boot loader with the directions found in the wiki, and I've got to say it works perfectly. Issues I've encountered Random Restarts (I'm used to it by now, but it doesn't make it any less annoying...) no sound fixed through Azalia plugin found on this site. nvidia driver problems fixed by installing the macvidia drivers found on the site (during main install). no wireless internet. This one's my biggest concern right now, but I'm sure the solution will present itself (if it's in the forums, I just haven't found it yet). But otherwise ITunes has successfully imported my music library and my wireless remote even works perfectly with Itunes, so I couldn't be happier. Thanks for all of the help throughout the site, and I look forward to an (even more) successful time with my Hackintosh!