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  1. You may also want to check the bios options.
  2. Go to the system preferences /energy savings and setup restart on power failure to on.
  3. That is what I figured but thought I would ask.
  4. So with the auto patched do we still need the legacy hda?
  5. With the binary are you still using the LegacyHDA? Just to correct this statement the reason other users need to select AHCI is because their boards also support hardware raid which is why they must select AHCI ours does not support raid so that is why we don't have to switch from raid to ahci. We are on AHCI always
  6. Just a quick note to anyone interested sorry for my leave of abscence I am back an will start working on this again and I feel that the RC5 Chameleon will help a great deal it will detect you CPU so I no longer have to make a modified DSDT for each processor. I will make a generic that leaves out CPU info in my next post installer and will include the RC5 of Chameleon. On a side note 10.6.5 only breaks audio at this point it is still in beta stages though so use at your own risk Using the installer on my site created by TonyMacs will correct the issue. Azaliaaudio only works on 32bit and will only give stereo sound. Tes the USB HDD would work I have even used a 8gb SD card in a USB reader but you will have to empty it
  7. Well I guess I should have read about the rc5 before blasting off about the dsdt so I apologize @maldon. What about the restart code from you mm67 that I implemented in the dsdt does that need to be removed? This will free my time up.
  8. @ Maldon Our restart has already been fixed within the dsdt we have a perfect working dsdt for this board already just needs processor info modded. Okay and just in case any of you have wondered about Mac OS X Server
  9. Hey guys sorry I have been out of touch my job has been crazy busy but I will be around a little more now . @rolandp I emailed you the corrected dsdt and smbios for your quad core. iRobie, what onOne plugin were you using? I am running CS5 with Fractals and have no issue. I am using an old version of Fractals though like v5 iThink.
  10. Snow Leopard unlike leopard does not show the QE/CI if you have the waves you are good
  11. cybercap nice job, I am getting ready to build a second hac but have not decided on board yet but just got a new case for $20 shipped from Newegg, and pretty much have everything laying around other than a video card and a motherboard, they have a new G41M combo that looks nice from Gigabyte, it allows DDR3 or DDR2 only limitation is if you wanna go 8GB ram you have to use the DDR2. It also changed up the sound to a Via chip and a slightly different lan chip still realtek though.
  12. Okay if you can add a widget and the screen ripples you have full acceleration, I have yet to hear of anybody with your card and resolution change not be accelerated though.
  13. at bootloader please press a key and then boot verbose by hitting the down arrow key and let use know where the KP is..
  14. Anything lower then the 8xxx series is not recommended. due to being buggy that could be part of it. Actually a company that you have I am sure have all heard of is Psystar. The are behind the rebelefi but also made and were selling what they called open source systems they would make a setup with linux, Mac or Windows. They included legit copies of the OS in each case but were sued by Apple for infringement. That went back and forth for a long time due to a loop hole in the EULA.