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  1. Multi-boot image USB drive

    I have to ask for some clarification. So you can install any OS from a single USB drive with Sardu? Just to be clear, I'm trying to be able to use Sardu to put a ISO/DMG image on the USB drive, and then boot that drive on the appropriate hardware (apple for Mac OSX, PC for Windows/Linux) and install the OS. If so, can you post a quick or rough guide on how you accomplished this with Mac? It would be a MASSIVE help to me.
  2. Hi there, I'm new to this OS X on different hardware, but I have a rather advanced question for part of a usb boot project I'm working on. I'm hoping you all can give me the benefit of your insight. I'd like to create a bootable USB drive that contains a windows and Mac boot image to allow installation of the base operating system to hardware. I've created a windows image, created an ISO and am able to boot this from a suitably prepared USB drive. Similarly I have created a lion/mountain lion/mavericks DMG to allow bootable USB creation and load the OS from. Now I want to be able to merge both of those. I've been looking at multiboot, xboot or yumi to see if I could leverage them. The more I look at those I run into file format problems on the USB and converting the DMG to ISO. I have now been looking at maybe using a usb with plop or a VM loaded to allow the boot to the I so or a different VM per image. Any ideas here guys? I'm thinking about trying to use chameleon to load the Mac OS X image since reading through the forums here, but I'm hoping someone here can help push me in the right direction.