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  1. Mihoko Okayami

    Recherche carte Airport Wifi/BT pci livrable en France

    Hello, Yes, afin d'être compatible OOB avec airdrop/handoff. Donc une carte BCM d'iMac avec adaptateur PCI. ( Il y a aussi pas mal de fausses cartes BCM avec un wifi/bt "merdique", pas simple de faire le tri )
  2. Hello, Après un achat jamais arrivé à destination ( https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07YBB8P5F/ref=pe_3044141_189395771_TE_3p_dp_1 ), je suis à la recherche d'un fournisseur fiable & avec un prix correct pour ce genre de produit Au cas ou quelqu'un connait un vendeur fiable, livrable en France, qui propose des combo compatibles OOB avec Catalina ! Par avance, merci
  3. Mihoko Okayami

    OpenCore Discussion

    @Download-Fritz Ah, I probably misunderstood the documentation then: x I want to start automatically on the disk configured in the MacOS control panel, without having to choose at OpenCore startup. So if I understand correctly, there is still need of a timeout of 1s ? Sorry for my very low English level
  4. Mihoko Okayami

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hello, Can you tell me why auto start does not work ? Opencore seems to find the right record, but does nothing after. 03:337 00:009 OCB: Matched default boot option: Macintosh HD ( Native NVRAM tested & fully working ) config.plist opencore-2019-10-21-093825.txt
  5. Mihoko Okayami

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hello, Question very stupid, which software to read the log file of OpenCore ? ( With Visual Studio Code, i see only "???????????" ) Because I have a small problem for the automatic start that I can not solve. My NVRAM seems to work well : ( ty @canyondust for this tips ) mihoko-okayami@Mihoko-Okayami-iMac ~ % sudo nvram TestVar=insanelymac Password: mihoko-okayami@Mihoko-Okayami-iMac ~ % sudo nvram -p | grep 'TestVar' TestVar insanelymac mihoko-okayami@Mihoko-Okayami-iMac ~ % OpenCore 0.5.1 Gigabyte z170x Ultra Gaming Intel i7 6700k with Intel HD 530 ( headless ) Radeon RX 580 Pulse 8 Gb Catalina on 960 Evo nvme SSD USB patch generated with Hackintool & CFG Lock fixed with "modified grub" config.plist
  6. Mihoko Okayami

    Nothing happens after the boot selection

    Hello, I'm currently migrating from Clover to Opencore but I'm having a little problem. When I start on Opencore, I chose my boot option (Macintosh HD, Recovery, etc.) by entering the number, but after choosing the number, Opencore freez without displaying any errors. Config : GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming ( USB patch generated by Hackintool ) i7 6700k ( with Intel HD 530 - headless config ) Sapphire Radeon RX 580 Pulse 8G MacOS on Samsung 960 Evo NVME SoundBlaster Audigy RX Do you have any idea how to solve this? In advance, thank you (sorry for my english) EFI.zip