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  1. Hey, so I'm tossed between getting a MacBook or some sort of PC laptop. I really like OSX, so I'd want to dual-boot on the laptop no matter what. I'm concerned that if I got the MacBook it won't be powerful enough, and the pro is out of my price range (going to college). What are your suggestiong? And does anyone have a Studio XPS that they can verify works?
  2. Well this seems like it should be an easy solution, and I know I must have seen it around somewhere at some point, but right now I just cant seem to find how to take a .kext file and put it in the DVD to load at boot. For instance, the driver for my P/SATA controller that is in Leo4Allv3 works great! But there are other parts of leo4all that cause the install to fail. I want to take that driver and put it into Kalyway or Zephyroth. TIA
  3. OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard"

    Yeah, but its being treated as a major release. 10.6 You don't have to add a million user features for a major release. I'm excited for Windows 7 and Windows 8, because finally we might get some good performance out of a Vista-like windows.
  4. OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard"

    I know they're just building on Leopard, but they could've given it a nice name Snow Leopard doesn't really roll of the tongue like Panther Tiger or Leopard... I think poor marketing. Also, 64bit stuff looks like it will be nice. Even though they say that 10.6 will be an internal reworking of code... we all know they will throw in a few cool visual or practical features (not that improved performance isn't practical) And WHY is there no leak of the dev build yet??
  5. Apple Logo Nothing else

    ...you can't boot back into vista? That isn't right. You haven't changed anything in your HDD. SATA/IDE isn't an issue here I don't think. As for the kernel panic, not sure what's going on.
  6. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    So, 90% of the pages on the website is down... almost taunting us There is a downloads page... meaning something will be available to download that is not documentation (because they have a documentation page) Here is an interesting quote from their FAQ: I think this is a bit of sarcasm, considering the rest of their FAQ page is very sarcastic (such as hardware like refrigerators are not supported) Although it might be something that attaches to the USB header on a mobo, that seems unrealistic and impractical. The only reason I say this is because they have a laptop version, and attaching something to a USB header on a laptop isn't easy like it is on a PC. Some people have also mentioned that running things through a USB anything will make the performance awful. This might be the case, but I think there will be more to it than that. I know if I were developing this I would load any necessary code into memory on boot so it is easily accessible. (Although I really don't know how its gonna work) One thing that interests me though is that they have a PCI option...
  7. In Windows you can use PowerISO to see the files
  8. All Leopard releases

    You're missing some. Like Leo4All
  9. Is there any way of doing this with an AMD? I know JaS isn't for AMD (why oh why... 10.4 was great JaS ) I mean has anyone had success using a Kalyway or Leo4All or Zephyroth with this?
  10. Disk issue (I/O errors)

    So I just tried all of the disk modes. Shut off DMA, made PIO mode 0... I just can't get rid of Disk2: I/O Error Unable to probe disk2...
  11. Install Mac On My Toshiba Machine

    When you install did you configure the install? Make sure its installing the right graphics driver. Also please don't bump, especially when you're still on the first page. Don't expect replies to be instant. You can also try the IRC channel...
  12. Apple Logo Nothing else

    Boot to DVD, press F8 when it asks you to. Type -v and boot. The write down or take a picture of the errors it may give you. Is the box in the middle a "no smoking" type symbol?
  13. Can my dell run leopard? (dell e520)

    1. Have you looked at the HCL? 2. Does it install successfully? 3. What do you mean won't boot?
  14. Disk issue (I/O errors)

    Well, this isn't my first OSx86 venture, so I know that much! The problem is that I am getting I/O errors. For example, when I boot in verbose mode it recognizes the drive fine, but it will say "Disk2 I/O Error" one or more times. Then the installer boots up, and disk utility shows the drive (doesn't show partitions), and whenever an action is performed it fails with an I/O error. So my question is... is there anything I can do to the drive to get it to have I/O be fine? Such as block sizes and whatnot. I'm going to try installing Vista to it first and then boot up the osx disk. The only drive that has worked is my vista drive.
  15. No DVD is booting

    Can a mod or someone make a forum rules and sticky it telling people to POST THEIR SPECS!