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  1. Hi Digital_Dreamer, Would you be able to add fusion drive support to hackinstaller? As it stands right now, it won't detect my fusion drive configuration. Thanks!
  2. Hi All, I've run into a strange problem since installing Java 2012-003, which is basically that I can no longer run flash video. I was running 10.7.3 when I updated to Java 2012-003, and noticed it immediately. I have since reinstalled with both Kakewalk and hackinstaller but am getting the same thing. Both times I wiped the EFI partition. he applet will load as black, then completely disappear :/ I am now running 10.7.4 with v7.0 of the hackinstaller (totally default) on my EX58-EXTREME (UD5) Rev. 1.0, and have a 8800 GTS 320mb nVidia card installed. I've tried searching on instanelymac and some other hackintosh forums but can't seem to find anything. Has anyone else seen this sort of thing? Profile Attached
  3. f.lux not working

    Hello everyone, I've got a HacPro running 10.6.6 and I just tried using f.lux for the first time... I hear its a great program but I haven't had any luck. I also just tried calibrating my monitor via system preferences and noticed when dialing the slider up and down (Grey Apple picture) nothing changes at all (the picture stays the same, and nothing else on the desktop is affected) I'm using: LG W2488L Monitor Nvidia 8800GTS (shows up correctly in system profiler) I used digital dreamers script to get up and running with no issues. I am not using any kexts for the graphics card. Is anyone else using this program on a hackintosh? Cheers!
  4. Hi All, This may be my first post, but I've been reading this forum for years (the original leopard topic since december) and have always found the answers I need to get my Hackintosh running. I've run into an issue with Ethernet I can't see to find a resolution to, but first I'll outline my hardware & setup. Hardware Mobo: GA-EX58-Extreme CPU: i7 965XE Ram: 12 GB G.Skill 1600 Video: 8800 GTS System OS: 10.6.1 64bit EFI 10.3 /w graphic flag "y" in boot.plist Mike's kext's in E/E (w/ DSDT audio/CMOS patch) and a modified IONetworkingFamily.kext (RealtekR1000.kext in Plugins Folder. Plugins folder has all kext except nvenet.kext & RealtekR1000.kext stripped out) I'm able to have OS 10.6.1 detect ethernet by doing the following: Coldboot + -f boot flag (this will find both ethernet controllers, but I'm using the "top" port which is usually detected as en1 the issue is that when I reboot en1 will say its not connected. I do get a link light however.... Does anyone know what might be causing this? its the only thing holding me back from finishing my install. Maj: A question about the DSDT patch you talked about adding to your new script, but weren't able to - are you including this from someone elses findings/work, or were you building this from scratch? Just want to know if there is a way that I could patch DSDT to resolve my issue, and if there is a procedure for it that already exists. (haven't found anything so far) Thanks to anyone who has some advice Cheers, ash
  5. Yah, having the same issue here unfortunately. Haven't looked much into it. Have you tried a different temperature monitor to see if it works?