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  1. dan.scott1234

    D620 LAN - How about USB?

    Anyone have any ideas of using a USB network card with Uphuck 1.4r3 as I'm going nuts without LAN on my D620! Cheers Dan
  2. dan.scott1234

    My call with Apple Support

    mine is asking me for a password also - anyone help?
  3. dan.scott1234

    D620 LAN - How about USB?

    what they dont know wont hurt them
  4. dan.scott1234

    D620 LAN - How about USB?

    I swapped my 3945 for a Dell1390 wifi card and OS X just sees it as a regular Airport Card. If you dont have one lying around as I did head over to fleabay there's probably loads for not a lot of cash and saves a lot of hassles plus you get to use the airport config interface.
  5. Hi everyone, I've got a Latitude D620 all working, iLife nd iWork 08 installed running Uphuck 10.4.9 V1.4r3 One thing I really need is wired LAN as I want to use this machine to replace my powermacG4 as a server (I use NAS for storage) Of course the one problem with the D620 under Hackintosh is the damn Broadcom NIC doesn't work but there are USB LAN devices that work with regular OS X I wonder if these could solve the problem? Anyone have any experience with USB (USB 2.0 that is) networking at all under Hackintosh? Thanks Dan
  6. dan.scott1234

    D620 and BCM5752

    I've got the same problem can anyone please help? I've got wireless (Dell 1390) and the sound working via HDAPatcher, just the LAN left and everything's great, ironically I need the wired a lot more than the wifi - sods law eh!