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  1. http://puu.sh/5LmyV.jpg Always stops here.
  2. Thank you for the response. Tried -x, system freezes at the same point. I was installing OS X with GraphicsEnabler=Yes and everything seemed fine. Now tried booting with GE=Yes and GE=No, still freezes at the same point. Maybe I should try PCIRootUID or something else?
  3. Hi! Just installed OS X 10.9, everything looked fine in the installer, but it cannot boot and freezes at some point. Hardware is: Gigabyte B75M-D3P Xeon E3, 16 GB RAM, well, that doesn't matter anyway NVIDIA GTS 250 Kingston SSD 120 GB & 1 TB HDD, booting from SSD Problem is: if I'm booting without -v, it shows white apple screen and continues rolling that... roll. If I'm booting with -v, it stucks here http://puu.sh/5LmyV.jpg I've installed OS X 10.9 last time around a month ago, hardware was very same (I've only updated BIOS since then), but there was X1950 Pro instead of GPU, which didn't worked in OS X anyway, but system was booting and working fine except graphics part. Don't know what's wrong now; any suggestions, please?)
  4. ATI Radeon X1950 Pro kext

    Anybody here? Installed this on 10.9, getting infinite boot now Radeon X1950 Pro.