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  1. Radeon Xpress 200M

    yes please pm me if there are any developments on this
  2. About This Mac Screenshots

    Here's mine.
  3. Model Name and PPC

    I recently installed OS X via a Retail DVD and I'm currently using 10.5.5 and everything seems to be running smooth. The only two issues I have right now are the Model Name (which is set to iMac and might be normal) and that when I tried to install Silverlight 2.0 (i know) it said I couldn't install on a PPC. I mean, did I miss something? My system specs are a Q6600 on a GA-P35-DS4 with 8GB of DDR 800 RAM. Is there a way to fix these two problems and are they related?
  4. Yeah I'm getting the same error so if anyone has got a fix for this
  5. Best External Hard Disk format

    I recently went through the same issue and right now I'm moving all my files and samples from a 750GB HFS+ partition to a 750GB NTFS partition. I'm moving back to Windows for the moment as far as audio and music goes. I still love Leopard but it isn't doing it for me on that front right now. I tried all the Macfuse and NTFS-3G stuff .... even tried paragon. Right now its just not reliable enough for me. It's a big negative that Leopard can't natively right to NTFS drives and Macdrive doesn't work for Vista x64 (and I didn't buy 8GB of ram to run XP). So back to Vista x64 and Sonar I suppose for the moment. cheers
  6. Restarts

    I'm having the same problem. This usually happens when I'm installing or copying a large file. Can anyone offer us some sort of explanation? My specs are in my sig. TIA
  7. I've had this setup since '03 and it rocks so hard .... with the new apple tv skin its even better. I've got my server upstairs with a shared MEDIA drive .... then I have a router downstairs synced in bridge mode ... then the xbox connected via the router. Works perfect. My brother-in-law was bragging about his apple tv and I wasn't very impressed since I've been enjoying the say thing for almost 6 years now. Rock on XBMC!
  8. GA-P35-DS4 --> 10.5.2 Help

    After recently building a pc for running OS X I decided to finally try my hand at an install. I used Kalway 10.5 ISO to install to an external USB drive and everything seems to be fine. My problem comes when I try to upgrade to 10.5.2 using any method. I'm by no means a n00b to computers or even a command line (shell/terminal). But for some reason unknown to me I can't get the 10.5.2 Updates to work. I've tried the Kalyway Combo update and the update from apple following the guide here. Using either rendered my system useless .... I will say however following the second guide got me to the boot screen then I got a message saying I needed to reboot in 3 or 4 different languages. Anyway I'm totally stumped and I'm looking for a step by step on my hardware or if anyone can point out something that might be hindering my hardware from installing the update to 10.5.2. I would also like to get vanilla kernel running soon. I'm planning on installing Logic Studio on this box but no go till I get these kinks worked out. 13 views and no reply? ok I'm editing this from 10.5.2 I guess I had to boot with -f (what does that do) anyway it booted now trying for graphic update.
  9. Gaming + Hackingtosh + 8800GTS

    Not to hijack this thread but what gfx string are you using for your 8800 GTS 320MB .... mines UPS tomorrow and I wanna have as much information on hand as possible for my build and OSx86 install.
  10. My new setup for Leopard

    What's up everyone. Just ordered my new rig from the egg and I am totally geeked . I can't wait to try running Leopard on it. So how do you think this setup will handle Leopard and running Logic 8. Intel Core 2 Q6600 GA-P35-DS4 rev 2.0 G. SKill 2x2GB DDR2 (probably going for 4 more GB soon) EVga 8800 GTS 320MB 160 GB WD 7200 RM SATA/2 [OS Drive] 500 GB Maxtor SATA/2 [MUSIC Drive] also got an OCZ GameXtreme 700watt PSU Audio Interface - Saffire LE by Focusrite 22" Hanns-G WS LCD with DVI I plan on dual booting OSX and Vista (64 or 32 haven't decided) or Triple Booting XP, Vista, and OSX. This is gonna be my new main system and audio rig .... and I probably do some gaming on it too.