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  1. System Uptime in Nanoseconds

    I have finished this problem, by using Trancmac, but however, i couldn't fix this one: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/294031-white-screen-minutes-before-installer-finishes/
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  3. Introduce yourself

    Hello, my name is hackernel, mostly, my nick is just "kERNEL". I was always looking at Mac's with my mouth open, and because i'm not able to afford one, i'm trying to install it on my PC. (And i want to get a basic knowledge about Hackintosh, so maybe i'll contribute to community with something) And to you, devs, that work hard to get Mac OS X on our PC's, keep it up, i like what you do for community.
  4. Hello everyone! Firstly, before i'll talk about my problem. I'm extremely noobish when talking about Hackintosh, to please be patient if i answer "really stupid" questions. Thanks! My setup: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (E6600) GPU: Nvidia GTX650 Motherboard: Gigabyte G31M-S2L RAM: 3GB (DDR2) So, to the problem. Today, i bought an 8GB USB drive, just to install Hackintosh, since i wanted to try it, and because i like "working with system" or "trying to fix it" etc.. I used "Niresh12495-Lion", which should have all the "kexts" (i think it's driver imo) inside. "Burned" the ISO to the flashdrive. Before i did that, i changed the settings in the BIOS (have the latest version) But, i'm not sure about setting IDE to AHCI, but someone said i can use the SATA mode as "Enhanced" (that should be same, so maybe it is) So i did it. Unplugged my Windows drive and plugged in my 500GB HDD i wanted to use just for Hackintosh. After all these things, i started up the PC, darwin loader popped up, a screen where you can choose what partition to start. I chosen the "OS X Lion Install USB", and didnt set any special command. After that, alot of text showed up there, i had absolutely no idea what is "happening", after that, an screen with somekind of text shows up, but the font is different. At the end of the "dialog", i see this: "System Uptime in Nanoseconds" I couldn't pass thru this message. So that's the main question, i don't know where did i made a mistake, so i accept happily every tip i get. (Oh, and just to point, i used "USB Image Tool" to get the ISO to the flash drive, should i use TransMac instead?) Thanks.