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  1. My personal osx86 story!

    Hellyeah Man! This rocks!
  2. That ROCKS!!! HELLYEAH! waiting for release 8)
  3. 650 and 680i chipset thread...

    Just take a old Realtek 8139 and it will work
  4. 650 and 680i chipset thread...

    I don't have forcedeth.kext
  5. 650 and 680i chipset thread...

    Hi! I have finaly succesfully installed of OSX (Kalyway 10.5.2 + 9.2.0 speedstep kernel) All cores work! Onboard network isn't working so i took Realtek 8139 and it works! But i have network problems. Net is freesing (after ~30 minutes) Do you know how to solve this problem? P.S. Can i get my Sound Blaster PCI-E working? It was expensive (for me) and i want it to work in OSX! *ABIT Fatal1ty FP-IN9 with NF650I SLI *MSI GeForce 8600 GT PCI-E 256MB OVERCLOCKED *Intel Q6600 CORE2 QUAD 2.4GHz OC @ 3.0 GHz *RAM KINGMAX 2048 mb DDR2 - 800 MHz running @ 667; CORSAIR 1024 mb 667 MHz CL5 (total 3GB of RAM running @ 667 MHz) *HDD 1. 200 GB IDE 2. 350 GB SATA 3. 400 GB SATA 4. 80 GB IDE * Floppy 1.4 MB 3½'' (i realy need it ) * USB 2.0 * LAN - realtek 8139 * Fire Wire 400 on PCI slot
  6. Where can i get iAtkos 1.0i R3 ? It it isn't in torrents. If it is can anyone post link to the torrent?
  7. will it work on nForce 650 chipsets? When are you planing to release?

    yes, you need Punk92 nvidia drivers
  9. LOL! Maybe you can post details of your computer?
  10. Help With 8600gt 512mb Device: 0x0402

    just get Punk92 GeForce drivers! It worked on my 8600GT id 0x0402 256MB
  11. Can i run OSX?

    I think you need mac.nub 10.4.10 install DVD. I think it will work verry vell on your computer!
  12. That ASUS looked lerry nice and a little bit expensive. Does it support Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor? Onboard LAN work's in OSX? And can we get to work my sound blaster pci-express xi-fi in OSX? And what about a intel board (like MacPro)? I think it will work better then ASUS P5w DH... And mtotho! Are your hackintosh stable? It doesn't have verry often kernel panic? ~Oko
  13. I want a motherbord witch is fully supported on OSX. Now i have Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI board and it is verry hard to get OSX fully working. Vanilla does not work on nForce 650i SLI chipset...