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  1. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    Does anyone have a DSDT file for Gigabyte 965P S-3 rev 1.0 F14? I just updated couple days ago the BIOS to version F14...
  2. Take One, Leave One

    Torrents; comfortable with it. Batman or Ironman?
  3. I have 5204NR Compaq Presario. I removed the BCM4311 Broadcom Mini PCI-E. I'm wondering since I saw a post saying to get the Buffalo Wireless PCMCIA 125G Wireless Notebook adapter. I thought I should run and get it. First off I'm begining to wonder if this should function at all, since I think Mac doesn't recognize the "PC" PCMCIA correctly. Also I'm wondering if there are any drivers for it. Or since I'm a "not" computer savy. I'm basicly an idot. I'm also wondering since I made a mistake of thinking the wiki on x86 Project specificly said PCMCIA not "PCI" of the Buffalo compatible version. I'm now very sceptic if it shall work at all.. I spent about 43 US Dollars on it, I'm very disapointed in myself for not recognizing my stupidity in such a aparent problem. I know there is no definate way of using my default "MiniPCI-E Broadcom 4311" card. I have only one option left. I'm very disapointed in my diliberate self-gratification in obtaining a Mac compatible PC. I'm broke now, and I wish I could buy a mac pro. so please. If you can, help tell me what to do.. Thank you.