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  1. I shall try this beast (HP 8570p) myself! I will post info when I'm ready..
  2. Need Help Enabling Brightness Control

    No, this Prefpane app uses DSDT modification on the fly! So this will really reduce battery consumption..
  3. Need Help Enabling Brightness Control

    I have the same problem with my Lenovo T61 running ML 10.8.2.. I solved the problem more or less with Shades.. I only enable this prefpane when I travel.. But it's useful when you are running on battery power.. https://mega.co.nz/#!6cZQUBAK!DkimazeVBqBcPTVI9Xam3ic_Ox0emCVRS5nb7o8z-Ic
  4. Hi, fine that your system is running stable now.. But I've got a solution!! I'm running on 2 cores now, and the system is as stable as with 1 core running.. But now performance is even better! Of course... But is wasn't so easy to find a good solution for this problem.. But after a lot of trying and searching on the internet it finally came to me.. I think the TSCSync.kext is the main trigger to solve the problem.. But I added some more kexts, maybe they are also needed. I don't know for sure.. I have them attached to this post.. Good luck!! T61_TSCSync_FIX.zip
  5. Add cpus=1 to your boot.plist, I don't know which bootloader you're using, but this solves the problem for sure in Lion 10.7.. I don't know if this works also in 10.8.x.. But we will see.. OSX is using 1 core of you're dualcore processor in this mode, but is stable enough to work with, comparing to Windows.. I'm looking for a solution to make both cores running stable, At first I thought it was a video related problem, but when I switched off dualcore processing in my T61 BIOS, OSX was running stable for the first time with CI/QE!!? TSC synchronization isn't optimized for core1 darwin reports.. Maybe this problem is fixable with DSDT editing, but I'm totally not into that.. So for now this is the best solution so far.. Good luck!!
  6. Windows 7 does not support MacBook Pro Sound Card

    Did you install the 64bit version of Windows 7? I think a lot of driver problems has to do with this 64bit version of Windows 7... And you did install the official drivers from the original Snow Leopard DVD?
  7. Asus AH3650 Silent (AGP) and iPC OSX86 10.5.6

    I've got exactly the same problem here.. I've too the ASUS AH3650 Silent AGP card.. None of the drivers seem to work with this card. I've too that device ID [0x9596].. Drivers for these device ID even don't work.. Netkas his new universal driver seems to detect the card as a ATI 3600, but no CI/QE.. I'm tired of trying over and over.. I think I'm gonna bring this card back to the store for an other one. Think this one is gonna be a NVIDIA.. That cards are a lot easier to be installed..
  8. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    I have exactly the same problem at a friend of mine.. ATI HD 3650 AGP 512MB.. Black screen with no mouse cursor.. I tried first offcourse AGP installer for device id 9596, that's just the right device ID, I thought, but no succes.. I tried different installers, other kernels... With no luck... Is there anybody with ATI HD 3650 AGP [device ID:9596] that has CI/QE ???
  9. Acer Extensa 5220 - LOW price´n NICE

    On my first boot (after registration) my keypad and trackpad were working fine, but after the first restart my keypad and trackpad were disabled !! I couldn't figure out why... In a desperate way I put the AppleACPIPlatform.kext in my extensions folder (which is posted in the beginning of this topic in the Acer 5220 zipfile) and repaired it with Set and repairpermisssions 1.0 because with this software I haven't to put my blank password with the keyboard (which wasn't working) With this software I only had to click with my USB mouse... this was my only input device what still was working... After the reboot everything was working fine, including the trackpad setting in the mouse and keyboard section on the system preferences panel !! Maybe this a solution too for you.. I don't know I'm pretty new in this {censored}..
  10. Acer Extensa 5220 - LOW price´n NICE

    I have installed that iso image 'Leo4all' on the ACER Extensa 5220 Laptop (with 1GB of RAM) this time you don't need that external display to install... It seems like that the Intel GMA 3100 graphics driver are already included. There was a fine intro with cool graphics by the first registration logon. The only mayor thing too fix is the sound which can be done by the earlier instructions on this topic... the only thing left is to wait for the LAN driver, the wireless LAN is working out of tha box. A little issue with the energy saver preferences, the battery indicator is working well..But I can't choose for 'better energy savings' i seems it's stuck on 'normal' (I have used the power management bundle from 10.4.11) maybe somebody has the solution for this...?? and if anybody knows a driver for the LAN (wired) any replies would be nice... (so I can finally delete that stinking Vista from this Laptop !! By the way Vista says on the wired LAN it's a broadcom too, a 'Broadcom NetLink Gigabit' with the hardware ID: 'PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_1693&SUBSYS_011C1025&REV_02' maybe someone knows a quick solution too get the wired LAN working too.. (I really hate to use Vista when I have to use the wire for internet)