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  1. [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    H55M-S2H. There's 2 EHCIs, which I assume that are the front panel USBs, because there's 8 devices called UHC#, matching the port amount on the back. What do I do?
  2. Yosemite Open Beta

    Was starting to feel lonely about using the Public Beta :s My pleasant surprise was that absolutely nothing broke when I updated to PB2.
  3. Works fine on my rig without anything significant, aside of that I've been touching the Feedback Manager several times due to the amount of smaller errors I've spotted. ...Keep an eye out for rogue weather locations reappearing in your notification center after you delete them.
  4. Howdy, kind of an interesting and similar result here. Clean install, everything else works but the graphics. I fail to boot with GraphicsEnabler on, no matter if I use Vervet or Hoolock. With the enabler being off, I get an 5MB "Display" and fancy visual glitches all around. Patched kext method and using Chameleon r2278 with a Gigabyte GV-677UD-1GD on 10.9.3. E: Nevermind, Kext Utility fixed it. Surprising how Kext Wizard and Disk Utility is supposed to help with it and doesn't really fix that...