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  1. captainjon

    dsdt request for elitebook 8460p

    anyone ????
  2. does anyone have a dsdt for the elitebook 8460p i5 2.5ghz hd3000? thanks jon
  3. Hi, I have an Elitebook 8460p and had Lion running on it. I backed it up to a external drive, and then it stopped working. I restored it, but it crashes halfway through boot up and i cant see the error message. Is there a way to find out what the error message is, single user mode crashes too, so i can only imagine the bios is messed up because the backup was working. if i run an install dvd and then terminal, i can cat /var/logs/system.log but there is no more command, is there a good command line tool to examine a long log file? thanks Jon
  4. captainjon

    Virtualized OSX benchmark

    Hi, I just installed SL on VirtualBox 3.2 using empire EFI according to this page http://www.sysprobs.com/install-mac-snow-l...-apple-intel-pc Everything is working (except sound, next on list to do), but it is really slow. I ran Xbench to check and my score is 21.92, CPU is 79.94. I am running a Q6600 stock, with 1Gb of ram given to OSX, on Windows 7 32-bit. My OSX has the latest updates, as does windows. VB settings are standard, but with 2 cpus to try and speed it up. Any ideas????? thanks, Jon
  5. captainjon

    keyboard stopped working after 1st reboot

    or is there a way to reset the password to nothing at boot time?
  6. Hi, Finished a retail snow leopard install using empire efi with my GA EP45 DS3R fine. on rebooting, I notice that the usb mouse works fine, but the PS2 keyboard is broken. I rerun myHack to add the ps2 Kext, but when the password box pops up, I cant type!!!! Is there a way to do this with cut and paste / from a browser. DL link to the kext and copy into a folder /extra/extensions ? or can I get the keyboard working another way? thanks, Jon
  7. captainjon

    AMD Subforums

    +1 . Make us AMD users happy, and give us a subforum. Free AMDela
  8. captainjon

    AMD Subforums

    +99999999999999999999999 on the Amd subforum. There's millions of us Amd users, and Hardware and Drivers have really not so useful subforums as Peripheral Devices for some ancient flatbed scanner or a punch card reader. Let's keep this thread alive.
  9. Hi, I have extracted the main files, but cannot extract OSx86Help.rar which has the instructions I suppose. Does anyone know the OSx86Help.rar password. Maas does not work. I have no clue how to make an ISO from the files. Can anyone help. thanks, Jon