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  1. Hey all I have a perfectly working Snow Leopard system (10.6.8) here and thus I purchased Lion via the app store and installed it clean to another drive via USB, all went well and Lion booted fine. I then ran the migration assistant within Lion to migrate everything from my Snow install to Lion, which completed successfully. However upon restart Lion never seems to complete the boot process. Booting with -v shows that everything loaded fine, however at the point when it should be going into graphics mode and brining up the login screen instead it simply sits there. The hard drive is still going however, so something must be happening. I left it for ages but still no progress, so eventually booted back into Snow to write this up. Anyone have any ideas? I read on another forum that others were having similar issues after migration, but I can't find any particular topics relating to it on the forums.. Could someone point me to a few? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. I successfully managed to edit the Lion kexts without issue, once I had the correct locations provided by the script. The card now works perfectly in both SL and Lion. As for running the script, I have Lion installed on another drive in this machine, so I simply modified the script itself to look on the Lion drive for the kexts and then ran it as normal from Snow Then I modified the Lion kexts from within Snow, rebooted into Lion et voila Modding the script to point to your Lion installation is relatively easy, if you look at the script you'll see the paths defined in a number of places, just change them all to point to the correct location. For example by default the script has '/System/Library/Extensions' defined as the kext path, I changed that to '/Volumes/OSX/System/Library/Extensions'. Obviously change '/OSX/' to the name of the Lion volume on your machine. Hope that helps
  3. Not supported here either - ATI Radeon 4670 1GB
  4. Ok, now I feel like a total fool lol. I had totally forgotten about the -x switch, I was using just -a which obviously gave me incorrect results with the Lion kexts. Anyway I now have the correct results and can begin my modifications I put these noobish moments I have down to old age, thats my excuse for almost everything these days. Anyways thank you again, I'll let you know how it all goes.
  5. Below I have pasted the output I get from your script running on the Lion DP4 kexts. The results, as you can see, are very different to those presented from Snow Leopard 10.6.7 kexts. I have also manually searched the DP4 kexts using the Flicker values from 10.6.7 as a frame of reference, they are again different and Im not entirely sure that what I found was correct, however they looked a lot more 'normal' to me than the results presented by the script. Im still not sure how to correctly modify them to reflect the correct values I have in my edited 10.6.7 kext however, if anyone has done this on DP4 and can help, Im all ears. Otherwise I'll have to do some more testing myself. Script results: Kext ATI4600Controller Personality: Flicker ConnectorInfo count in decimal: 3 Disk offset in decimal 332616 0000000 24 08 10 5f 02 00 c7 44 24 04 2e 4d 02 00 c7 04 0000010 24 10 5d 02 00 e8 d6 ff ff ff c7 05 10 5d 02 00 0000020 70 fc 01 00 83 c4 18 5d c3 55 89 e5 83 ec 08 c7 0000030
  6. AUDIO

    Im on the G31M-S2L here (without the E) which has the ALC 662, which also doesnt work under Lion. I had to binpatch AppleHDA to get it going on Snow, Im assuming the same can be done for Lion so I'll have to look into that. I prefer not to use VoodooHDA, never got very good results with it in the past on Snow.
  7. Unfortunately it would seem the framebuffer personalities are very different in 10.7 Lion Developer Preview 4. I ran the ati-personality script on Lion DP4 and the results are wildy different to the 10.6.7 MBP 2011 kexts (which I successfully edited for my card). I have no idea where to start with editing the Lion kexts, does anyone have any further info on the changes and perhaps a way to modify them?
  8. 10.5.4 is released !

    Updated to 10.5.4 via Software Update and dropped in modbin's 9.4.0 kernel before system start, everything came up nicely and everything still working 100%. So far my upgrade path has been as follows: ToH Leo RC2 10.5.0 -> Manual 10.5.1 update via Pacifist -> Kalyway 10.5.2 combo update -> JaS 10.5.3 patched update -> 10.5.4 via Software Update. Im on a Pentium D so Ive used the latest patched kernels with each update. 10.5.4 is the least troublesome update to date on this system. Specs in sig.
  9. I Just Found An Official Windows BSOD in Leopard!

    Indeed, thats been in most editions of OSX for quite some time now. Kind of an in-joke among Apple engineers. Good to see a sense of humour in our favourite tech company.
  10. I am using 10.5.3 with modbin's 9.3.0 kernel and the correct 10.5.3 system.kext, in fact that was one of the first things I checked. I can also confirm that all my USB devices work correctly and disk images mount fine, so system.kext must be ok for that all to be working fine. Is anyone else having issues with vmware and modbin's 9.3.0 kernel?
  11. Hi all Well after an entire morning and half of an afternoon spent trying to get 10.5.3 working ok on this box, I think Im finally there... sort of. It would seem that the 9.3.0 kernel (which is from 10.5.3) by modbin causes a kernel panic with all versions of vmware fusion. It does however work fine with Parallels. For this reason, Ive had to go back to the old 9.2.0 (from 10.5.2) kernel and system.kext. Does anyone have any idea how I can report this to modbin? Or does anyone have any other 9.3.0 kernels available to try? I cant use the vanilla because Im on a Pentium D, so Im reliant on the modded kernels. Thanks all, your help is appreciated.
  12. DELL x86 forum..

    I have a Dell Optiplex GX620 running Leopard 10.5.2 here, everything working great with good performance. Including 7300GS graphics, usb bluetooth and wifi adapters. Only thing that doesnt work on this box is sleep, but thats due to the specifics of the hacked kernel Im using and doesnt bother me anyway because I dont use sleep. Oh and I cant get dual-monitors to work with this gfx card, no matter what I try. In all other areas this box is 100% and performs very well. Unfortunately these Dell Optiplex's are notoriously noisy at high load because of their fan setups, thats basically my only annoyance, lol.
  13. Applied the updates here, like others though I didnt read up on it before installing and it bricked the system. But Im quite experienced with Hackintosh's now so I do keep backups of all critical kext's, including the kernel and system.kext, from all versions of OSX Ive ever installed. So I rebooted with the DVD, went into terminal and replaced the new kernel with my old backups... now back to a fully working system, with updates applied successfully, albeit on the 9.2.0 kernel (I dont run EFI and dont have a Core2Duo so vanilla is not an option here).
  14. Hi all, thanks for all the suggestions. I have figured out that the issue (as well as other issues) are caused by AppleSMBIOS... the older version Im using doesnt like 10.5.2 evidently and thus some things like Bluetooth are broken because of it. The way to solve it is to use a fixed AppleSMBIOS file from mac.nub, but the only way to use it is to install EFI, which I dont currently have. Instead of playing about with my current install, I intend to install Leo clean with EFI to a new drive, then update to 10.5.2, then install the new AppleSMBIOS... hopefully it should all work ok and I can migrate my settings from my current install.
  15. How to update a BrazilMac/ToH to 10.5.2?

    Im running a ToH install here with MBR and no EFI, the upgrade to 10.5.2 was relatively painless. Update using Kalyway's 10.5.2 Combo Updater, then get ToH's 9.2.0 kernel (not Kalyway's 9.2.0) from IRC. Once thats all installed the system should work fine.