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  1. Was anyone able to get it working with a random Generate 17 Digit MLB? I heard 13 is working... Was off for vacations, feel like so much was done over this time
  2. Yes I know , but it's a temporary solution... And I wrote this tutorial before we needed genuine MLB/ROM I am not a big fan of using genuine ID's, but actually it's the only solution I found which I can confirm working. And I have simply not enough time actually to research on other ways... (exam time...)
  3. Have you followed my hole tutorial? Are you using real ROM/MLB?
  4. I agree with you, I would also only use it if you own itself. Check out the thread about MLB pattern, can't check if it works before end of week, maybe it works.
  5. Yes right, its the only 100% working solution for now. I know it's not optimal, but until there are no confirmed other solutions, you need to use real mac ROM/MLB. I will update this guide as soon as I can confirm other solutions to work.
  6. Did you follow the tutorial completely? Also MLB/ROM by clover will not work for now! You need genuine ones!
  7. Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Yes you can and no call is required.
  8. Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    His script will generate valid MLB/ROM, not use some from a real mac. So you don't need a real mac.
  9. I would say, this will not work, but I haven't tried it. I can not Imagine that you can use a MLB from a mobile device on a mac. Also I have read, that those MLBs have a length of 16 Chars.
  10. Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Actually you can't. And I hope you don't use the exact values you have shared with us here! Never share the values you are using!!! Anyway, the only really working solution for now is to use genuine MLB/ROM, even if I don't recommend to do so. Or at least don't use values found on the internet! This will last until there is not a pattern found for MLB! And this is what this thread is all about!
  11. Personally I only disconnect from internet, do the comboupdate, check all values and then reconnect. Never had any problem! And for now its not only recommended to have at least one real mac to get it working, it is needed
  12. MD5 is in no way reversible! EVERY MD5 has the same length, this means that there are an infinite inputs that result in the same hash.
  13. Yes I agree with you, they are not reversible in any way, just checked my MBPr and they have nothing in common.
  14. OSX 10.10.1 (actually the OS version has nothing to do with it. The Problem is across all versions starting by Mavericks.) and I don't remember the length. Like I said before, I'm not home and don't have access to my hack before this weekend.
  15. I can only tell you what worked for myself. I used the MLB and ROM from my old macbook pro (2008 or 2009 model) on my Hack (MacPro 6.1 SmBios, all IDs generated). And it worked. What I don't know and will try this weekend (not home, don't have access to my hack) is with just the MLB.