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  1. Hi Everyone. Uphuck - thnx for this DVD image, I'm really into learning new stuff with computer, such as OS'. Anyway - The installation goes through smoothly but after reboot I just get a command prompt asking what I boot form. I select the location with my OSX installation - hd(0,1) - and press enter but the screen just refreshes and the same thing isdisplayed. I've tried adding the -v switch, but the same thing happens. When I press ? for help all I get is blank screen telling me to press q or space to exit help. I'm trying to install on a PC with windows XP on it - on the same hdd. I also have linux on a seperate HDD. My Specs are: CPU: Athlon64 3500+ - supporting SSE, SSE2 & SSE3 Mobo: ASUSTek A8R-MVP Mobo Chipset: ATI Xpress 200 (RS480) Maybe I'm doing something wrong with the installation as I install everything except the language translations and Intel CPU stuff. Any suggestions?