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  1. Information on VESA modes in ATI&NVIDIA bios

    didnt work on my gtx460 as well.
  2. fakesmc 3.6?

    You need to have fakesmc for your hackintosh to work. http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1206
  3. Sleep issues with 4GB of RAM

    can you post your system specs?
  4. audio over hdmi doesnt work. does it?
  5. Youll need to patch your dsdt. http://netkas.org/?p=114
  6. Funny how you mentioned this. I have had the same problem on every gigabyte bios revision (official/unofficial). Gigabyte tech support is no help. Oh. BTW, my board is ep45-ud3l.
  7. G41M-ES2LosX MAC BIOS

    Well.... I was just tinkering around with the BIOS file, to see if I could remove the need for a DSDT.aml. Don't really know too much about the best way to optimize / edit it... If anyone has a DSDT for it, which is ACPI compatible (for windows), I can insert it into the BIOS.
  8. G41M-ES2LosX MAC BIOS

  9. G41M-ES2LosX MAC BIOS

    use the included cbrom32.exe, open cmd and do the following: cbrom32.exe G41MES2L1.1.f8 /acpitbl extract <press enter again> cbrom32.exe G41MES2L1.1.f8 /logo extract <press enter again> edit the LOGO.BMP, save. now cbrom32.exe G41MES2L1.1.f8 /logo LOGO.BMP ^^ THAT WILL INSERT YOUR NEW EDITED LOGO <press enter again> cbrom32.exe G41MES2L1.1.f8 /acpitbl ACPITBL.BIN <press enter again> CROSS YOUR FINGERS AND FLASH YOUR BIOS! CBROM32.rar
  10. DSDT editor and patcher

    Is it possible to compile it for windows? You'd think it would work by extracting the jar files in the Resources folder from the app.
  11. G41M-ES2LosX MAC BIOS

    Do you have any video card information in your DSDT? Also, sleep appears to be working for me. Again, this is kind of an experimental test, I will be fine tuning it in the future, so hold tight.
  12. G41M-ES2LosX MAC BIOS

    Not sure what exe youre talking about. Unzip the zip file > copy G41MES2Losx.F8 to your fat/fat32 drive > boot into QFlash by pressing the <END> key > select the bios file.
  13. G41M-ES2LosX MAC BIOS

    Cannot start? Can you be more specific? BSOD? BlackScreen? Also, it seems Windows 7 is working for me fine. Can you enter safe mode?
  14. G41M-ES2LosX MAC BIOS

    All the Revisions of this board seem to be using the exact same BIOS. So, in theory it shouldnt matter which revision you flash this to.