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  1. Hello guys, i want to tell. If your DVD Mac OS X Install DVD is happend? You do not like 2. Mac OS X Install DVD. Please do not forget! It is very important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 different Ways: On Windows: 1. Please download Alcohol 52 % install again! 2. Put Mac OS X Install DVD ( if you buy before than you need an image by Mac OS X Install DVD ) 3. If your Image was created by Alcohol 52 % like your filename MacOSX_Image.mds than you convert with image to iso. 4. You move an image into externed hard disk like USB Flash STick or HDD ... 5. Start Empire EFI or [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] than put orginal Mac OS X Install DVD ( not image [ If your Mac OS X Install DVD can not read than you need iDeneb or any hacked Mac OS X Install DVD for Manager with partition ] ) 6. Now you open terminal and disk utility - If you know sure and convert to dmg ( It talk awihle ) Over 2 to 3 hours .. ) in Terminal: hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o /Volumes/<externed hard disk>/macosx_di /Volumes/<externed hard disk>/MacOSX_Image.iso If your conversion from iso into dmg will work in process than it is finish... 7. Step ( Mac OS X Install on host-used Hard Disk ) On Mac OS X: 1. If your orginal Mac OS X Install DVD is readed complety ( 7,7 GB = 100 %, without broken or failure ) 2. Create Image from disk utility! 3. Source is Mac OS X Install DVD, Destruction is created Image on externed hdd or externed had disk 4. If your created image is complety.. 5. Step ( Mac OS X Install on host-used Hard Disk ) Mac OS X Install on host-used Hard Disk 1. Make sure your partitions 2: Like this. /Volumes/Snow Leopard = For Mac OS X SNow Leoaprd workstation /Volumes/Backup = For Mac OS X Install DVD ( created by Image from orginal Mac OS X Install DVD ) Please do not forget! Backup Hard disk need minimal 10 GB and Snow Leopard Hard Disk ( if you have built over than 40 GB or 1 TB etc... ) 2. If your solution, you must to boot option frist Gurb Not 2 and 3!! ) 3. If you open disk Image from created image Mac OS X Install DVD than you see mounted image by created image . Restore: Source Mounted Mac OS X Install DVD Destruction: BackUp ( If you want to erase than it does not happen. ) 4. If your created image will copy to Backup Hard disk. Talk while sometimes 15 min or few minutes! 5. Completed, yeah than yoou can reboot now and do not remove Empire or [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url]! Please stay here! If your Empire EFI or [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] gets "Mac OS X Install DVD" on boot screen. 1. Go enter! 2. Talk wihile but it start faster than DVD! I am not faker. I say really. It is works without Mac OS X Install DVD 3. Do yous ee Language Changer and get currect hard disk "Snow Leopard" for installation Have fun! I have been tested creating image onto hard disk. It is working I hope you because you have problem with Mac OS X Install DVD. Please do not forget before backup from Mac OS X Install DVD! Thanks for replies and supports
  2. What are you compiling from Linux's source? Thank you! Can i like ATI-Driver-x86_64.run into unpacking than i must install Xcode than i can compiler with xcode make and make install? Or is it possible? With DarwinBuild? Because i am using ATI Mobility Readon HD 3200 from HP Compag 615. Do you think because i can compile with linux-source into gnu-compiler from Xcode? i must use with DarwinBuild? or Without DarwinBuild? Is it possible it works sometimes? If QE/CL / GL Accelerator ? Thanks for supports
  3. ATI Radeon HD 3200 Drivers

    @Mushishi But, but dear Mushishi Please believe me really! That is trick of glxgears Under linux has glxgears. Did you know sure...? and also glxinfo I have found glxgears from Mac OS X. That Mac OS X isn't BSD version as Mac OS X was built by linux/unix. Look at diirectory: /Volumes/<Hardisk-Name>/usr/X11/bin/glxgears What do i say? Why is Mac OS X not a BSD version? Becasue Mac OS X has 80 % for linux/unix and 20 % for BSD Version. Example: Shell script? *.sh like Linux/Unix, too Click bin files: For Mac OS X: executing image to disk image mounter For Linux/Unix: shell working once Runner like *.run, *.bin That is different.. Thanks.. best regards, Snakedriver
  4. Hello Guys, Display Drivers: We should to develop with sample driver with Quartz Extreme for mobility card versions... Processor Drivers: Important! We must to put currect develops. Do not hurt worng drivers. It can happen while you develop driver for my currect processor than my processor breaks next time. Happen.. Who breraks? Please make you sure cleanning! Do not make illegally! Thank you! Any drivers: Can you build any important drivers for supportting netbooks and notebooks and more... Userface Changing for netbooks only: If you have netbookm ( = small netbooks ) Can you see what can that Mac OS X Installer screnn to display on screen... All built applications should to call like this diskutil_netbook = small screen. diskutil = big screen. Example: 7zX Application is okay on small display screen of netbook. No problems... If you want to Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 on Mac OS X for netbook. YOu can not need for free way.. Too heavy! OpenOffice should to smaller than bigger screen becasue we love OpenOffice on Mac OS X. or Neooffice on Mac OS X.. And more suggestions... If you have been bought Snow Leopard OS X than you do not worry about back.... Than you need frist important drivers and utilities on new images for netbooks and notebooks... Ýour suggestions? Example: DriverInstaller for Netbooks? Or DriverInstaller for Notebooks and Computers? Screen of netbooks should we build new installer for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Leopard like Ubuntu Installer. But Language Chooser will to display like currect Mac OS X Install DVD If you have another unsupportted drivers than we need downloading and installing on netbooks, notebooks and computers... If you install successful with driver installing than it will eject and put Mac OS X Install DVD again finish. If your another kernel will to make automacal by driver installer. WIth Gnu-Compilers like linux gnu compilers. Webcam- and Microphone Drivers: We need again but me work fine.. If your another web- and digitalcams are not supportted on Mac OS X tahn we develop together. Okay? An Image will to name "Darwin Driverinstaller by SnakeDriver" or another for example name of images... I hope becasue we need supportted drivers for netbooks and notebooks! A lot of thanks and best regards, SnakeDriver
  5. Can I use OSx86 in my notebook?

    Hello guys, Do you want to install with Mac OS X on normal x86 notebook? But i have been tried with iDeneb Image. But it is very very carefully while your processor is small in the notebook can to break of high process reworking. Please make sure your Pheonix BIOS Setup ! If you do not have BIOS Setup than you can not use with MAC OS X. I have Notebook HP Compag. WTF Compag banned again high-level operaating systems . But HP Compag loves only Windows and Linux , such Solaris OS. not Leopard and Tiger . Grr HP Compags hate poor apples. Please eat HP Compags with nice apples now! lol. If your Dell's Notebook has Advanced BIOS than you make carefully. If Darwin-BootLoader after Bootsetup like -v -x than Darwin boot can to happen again back like rebootting... I am not sure for Notebooks... I think Mac OS X Snow Leopard should to need distribute Notebook drivers for future. sometime latast 1 or more than monaths.. Thank you for helps.. We must to be still waiting.... Best regards, SnakeDriver
  6. Aaaggh! - Ideneb killed my hackintosh

    Hello dear Wilse, do notw orry Please use -v -x in that darwin boot. If you are loading darwin boot after installation than you can make sure frist keyboard setup. If keyboard setup will to go step again than you should to turn your laptop or computer and restart again to darwin boot -s than you should to get fix problem with crazy keyboard setup. If darwin boot loader is loading ready. /sbin/fsck -fy /sbin/mount -uw / passwd root retry your currect password (what do you like this?) touch /var/db/AppleSetupDone reboot Than you can use -v -x to display screen... If you see after keyboard setup to your apple login ... Finish can you log in and load to Mac OS X Desktop. Enjoy! Do not worry . If you have problems... than you retry sure.. Do not make panic.. Best regards, SNakeDriver
  7. Not Moving Past "Do you Already own a MAC"

    WTF But my display problem was hurtted... WTF WHy do i should to not duing once boot. I don not believe you are faker for Mac :censored2: I am very sad.. i can not get Leopard Desktop because problem crazy retry Keyboard setup. I wanna to remobve AppleSetupDone ... Thanks
  8. OSX 10.5.1 ""WELCOME LOOP" Help

    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been tried that nice trick of AppleSetupDone /sbin/fsck -fy /sbin/mount -uw / touch /var/db/.AppleSetupDone passwd root ...and enter a new password. But why does stupid crazy keyboard setup retries alwys. I want to skip to desktop, PLEASE HELP ME!!! I have lost of over than 12 hour. Do not laught me! Please believe really! Thanks beastr egards
  9. Discontinued

    So what that is a {censored}?? I can not try because alwys error retry working nVidia drivers : Bestr egards, SnakeDriver
  10. Hello I have problems I do not think because i want to get a way with bought Snow Leopard DVD on my Computer (PC ) I do not understand. Why do Hackers fake us? I am angry for you becasue Mac OS X can not work but i have been readden that word "Bit 32" = Normal Computer. Why does Apple fake us? Please make our support up! Thank you...
  11. Hello guys, Please read important: If you downloaded from internet like BrazilMac-9a581-Patch.zip We need sometimes application on Windows Vista / 7: MacDrive 7/8 If you can not display your USB-Stick on SNow Leopard without NTFS or Fat32 supports. Do not worry! I have found result. If you put your USB-Stick on your Computer or Laptop than It will selete with MacDrive than you go over than Administrator promt - You should mark with modify Mac volumes - format with USB-STick to Mac OS X HFS (Default) Unzip BrazilMac-9a581-Patch.zip to USB-Stick after formatting. Do not worry! Windows Vista / 7 know sure with HFS filesystem by MacDrive. Now we rename Volume name to like this leo or 123 than we edit wioth 9a581PostPatch.sh: Patch="/XXX/User/Desktop/" To Patch="/Volumes/leo/leopatch" Than You have been installed Snow Leopard DVD on your Computer... You mount your USB-Stick on Computer than Snow Leopard Installer displays your hfs-abled USB-Stick Drive in Target Volume and we start with terminal cd /Volumes/leo ./9a581PostPatch.sh Than you shouldn't reboot... cd /Volumes/leo/bootfix all boot files copy to in /Volumes/Leopard/usr/standalone/i386/ here boot, boot0, boot1h, mboot.c32 and chain0 ./dd if=/Volumes/Leopard/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s1 bs=512 count=1 than umount /Volumes/Leopard than ./startupfiletool -v /dev/rdisk0s1 /Volumes/Leopard/usr/standalone/i386/boot than it happens Error: startupfiletool: Open(/Volumes/Leopard/usr/standalone/i386/boot) : No such file or directory. What does it happen? Why does startupfiletool nit work? WTF? a file startupfiletool was crashed...? Thank you regards Joe
  12. 10.5 Leopard - BrazilMac-9a581-Patch Problem

    If you have problem while you use -v -x, than you load on hard disk volume window of Leopaard Installer than you see any hardisk icons into area. When you see your usb-stick into area than you start terminal and prompt cd /Volumes/<Usb-Stick-Name> and prompt ./9a581PostPatch.sh Do not worry sometimes usb-stick do not know on Leopard. But I try with extdernal hard disk and usb stick supports... Thank you. Now i have Problem after 9a581PostPatch to restart. What does it happen? Why does Darwin Bootloader not start up???? Eh?? If i have forgotten about patched boot kernel into Where is orginal boot directory of leopard? I must to copy from usb-stick into Leopard Harddisk. Thank you.. Best regards Joe
  13. Hello anything Mac Users, We need autoinstaller for all supportted lowlevel computers like DELL, Intel, HP, Sony, Toskiko and more unknown Manufacturers... A suggestion: If you install Snow Leopard DVD on your loved Personal Computer! X-a Than you want to install automacal driver installers like your display driver for example Radeon HD 2600 XT, AMD 3500+ FX 64 and more drivers If Mac OS X Snow Leopard knows currect... X-b Than we need ErrorFix Maker If your Computer is sometimes x64, x96 or i386 or noarch etc.. Please do not inset in hacked Snow Leopard DVD Images because it has problem with after installing. Now we want to know while Snow Leopard can to work fine. I hope becasue we have been dreammed about Mac OSx86 on your Computer. Do not worry! We want to help for developing with drivers and build together.. Are you sure? If we should to make suggestion X-a or X-b sentences choose. If you want to install frist drivers than Snow Leopard Installing... Thank you about info and develop and build together... Best regards, Joe
  14. Anleitung SnowLeopard AMD

    Hello dear Mac Lover on OSx86 Sorry: Ich möchte fragen, dass ich kleines Problem am Snow leopard habe. Mein Computer ist Siemens Fujistu P-Home, hat Prozessor AMD 3500+ FX 64 und Grafik karte ATI Radeon Hd 2600 XT und Audio AC97 und NVidia Ethernet Card und Massenspeicher ( für Digitalkamera-Chip und verschiedene 3 Stecker für Digitalkamera und Handy Simkartespeicher und anderes. ) und DVD RW Brenner: Philips DVD RW... Ich möchte wissen, wie kann ich richtig installieren, während startet Apple Boot Loader zum Willkommen Snow Leopard Desktop... ohne "error loading" "error 0" Und was soll ich richtige Tools für AMD Prozessor ( Betrieb: Bit 32 auf meinem Computer ). Welche Pakete soll ich anhaken?` Grafikkarte ist ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT, also ich hake die Paket an: Grafiktreiber/ATI_2600_FIX Audio Driver: AC97 Audio. Wo ist Paket in dieser Installation? Webcam Treiber: Microsoft LifeCam VX-500 = automatisch erkannt.. Ich weiss es nicht wie heisst die Paket? möglicherweise hat Apple Freund Microsoft wahrgenommen? Wenn ich nachd em Installation fertig bin, dann zeigt Apple Boot Camp wie verrückt. Aber Ich möchte mit "Snow Leopard" und "Windows Vista" sollen am Boot Camp zeigen. Aber ich möchte nicht, dass Windows-Partitionen ( z.B. D:\ E:\ F:\ und so weiter.. nicht im Boot Camp anzeigen sollen. Was mache ich falsch? Ich habe Mac OS X Snow Leopard aus dem Internet heruntergeladen wegen Architektur für x86 Architektur. Da wollte ich frische DVD einfach am Dienstag in kartstadt in Singen kaufen, dann lege ich orginale Snow Leopard DVD am Laufwerk ein,dann ´soll Snow Leopard "aktuellisiseren" Wie funktioniert Aktuelisierung? Ich habe da entdeckt, wenn ich "Zielvolume auswählen" geladen bin, dann klicke ich doppelt z.B. "Snow Leopard HD" zeigt 3 Verschiedene Funktionen: Aktuellisiseren, als Disk Image ( *.dmg ) einpacken oder Zielvolume soll formatieren. Ich dachte, dass ich Snow leopard aktuellisieren soll, wenn ich Support für ewichtige Treiber dazu installieren möchte... Ich brauche 2 oder 3 wichtige Treiber für Mac OS X: AC97 Audio, NVIdia Force für Netzwerkskarte und Microsoft LifeCam VX-500 für WebCam. Vielen Dank für Hilfe. Gruss Joe
  15. ATI Radeon HD 3200 Drivers

    Hello guys, Thank you, are you faker for ATI Radeon HD Drivers? STOP please Problem with supportting drivers... I have Display driver HD Radeon 3200 Mobility on HP NoteBook Campag. Why did you fake about poor display drivers? Why do you not develop with display driver files? If you are adavanced than you can to build a drive - files for display cards ATI Radeon HD all supporrting cards? On my Computer has Display driver ATI Radeon HD 2600 xt Siere. But my hard disk drive do not support with Snow Leopard. Because hard disk are very old. But i have been bought computer by Siemens Fujistu latast 2 1/2 years.. But my computer is still working fine.. Why do any drivers not support?? If you do not build drivers for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard was known HP Universal Webcam - Fine! Nice! That is not faking. Is ay really. Please develop now! Than you public important drive installer like MSI Analyser for supportted drivers for computers and laptops... WTF? Do not worry for Mac OS X Leopard / Snow Leopard! Make sure your love for Mac OS X Versions! Understand? Thanks and bestr egards, SnakeMedia