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  1. Hello, Anybody ever done this before? All this time i'm just using VM Ware but just barely install version 10.8.3.. After few days Trial and Error.. Finally i succeed to install it.. Then i gamble to update into version 10.8.4 and working.. Then try update to 10.8.5 then i got kernel panic and AMD VM Ware patch no longer support.. Then i found out AMD Laptop do support hackintosh.. So i try to do it.. This is my 2nd day trying.. Here is my laptop Spec : HP PAVILION G4 1204AX AMD A8-3500M WITH RADEON HD GRAPHICS AMD RADEON HD6620G 8GB DDR3 RAM 500GB HDD I try follow myhack AMD Tutorial but i stuck at mounting files.. I try many boot flags still failed.. Then i try use other kernel,kext still failed.. The best i can get is stuck at mounting.. The bad is nothing happen after i enter boot flag or keep restarting or dp emu thing error.. Then i try follow guide setup using pandora.. I follow step by step.. But i keep restarting.. Then i change the kernel and kext into AMD 10.9.x BRONYA ANV SINETEK v. 9 but i got dp thing error.. So, here i am.. Hope somebody can tell me which part i do wrong? I already try and follow AMD guides here.. Or.. My laptop really not support hackintosh at all?
  2. Introduce yourself

    Hello, I'm Incik Rakuzas from Malaysia.. I'm using OSX ML 10.8.4 in VM Ware.. But recently i'm going to use it in my AMD HP g4.. Hope i can manage to do it though.. Quite challenging.. BTW.. Nice to meet you all.. Nice forum here~