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  1. Clover Themes

    thanks sir , should i delete that line? i delete background section on theme.plist then add my .png file but when i restart , it still goes black ground
  2. Clover Themes

    how to change background of the theme?i just want to change it for my personal use everytime i try to change ,the background goes black
  3. El Capitan UEFI Clover on Sony Vaio S

    i already fix bout directly boot into clover boot menu... i try to get dsdt / ssdt by pressing f4 on clover boot menu but ​i didn't see any dsdt.dsl / ssdt-2 /ssdt-7 on efi/clover/acpi/origin... how do i get those file? sorry I'm new on clover
  4. El Capitan UEFI Clover on Sony Vaio S

    thanks for wonderfull guide...i have sony vaio e-series and successfully installed E.C alongside windows 10 i follow the guide carefully but still can't get to boot menu without usb... pls. kindly help me thanks in advance...
  5. help pls...

    still waiting for root device appear after the last line...