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  1. Just woke up and noticed my Macbook Pro said 9am when in fact it was 2pm then after some activity the time changed to the actual time. The MBP is on 10.8.5 though not Mav.. weird. first time i've seen this happen
  2. so I did a benchmark test on both Macbook Pro and Hackintosh at the same exact time and Macbook finished first cuz the Hackintosh stalled a bit at the png test.. everything else moved along about the same as far as I could tell. Im open for testing or suggestions, just let me know
  3. I don't understand how VMware works flawless with absolutely no issues with graphics or sound or anything else but I get all these graphical problems with it natively installed... edit: speaking of ML not Mavericks as I can't find a working AMD image. there was a small nvram install for amd that made it work np but none exists for Mav yet it looks like :\ what fixed my audio crackle issue was disabling turbo and core performance boost in bios is ML bug free or any further than Mavericks? just curious if the issues are similar or more resolved
  4. Kernel works for me and looks like clock is synced with my Macbook for a few hours now but i still get graphic garbledness in iMovie and Messages. but definitely as stated previous.. snappier Thanks Bronya! We all appreciate all the devs hard work here. Thanks a ton. Can't wait till that day comes where I open up these apps and BAM it's gone! I have faith in you all Keep up the great work!
  5. Thanks! I'll use that but I made a discovery… I disabled Core Performance Boost in my bios to get audio to stop stuttering and glitching when I installed Mavericks. I re-enabled it because I forgot why I disabled it in the first place lol BUT when I did enable it the pink launchpad was gone! I tried multipliers in the CPB up to 20x or 4Ghz and no pink in Launchpad but iMovie still unusable and Messages still pink. Just wanted to share that if it helps spur an idea idk.. thanks again! -it's disabled again since audio is corrupt with it enabled so I can't overclock unfortunately and have to stay at stock 3.3Ghz :\
  6. which app are you talking about? I've been searching and don't see it also… I have the clock issue and haven't changed my kernel since installation. I'm seeing randomly pink icons on software popups, pink launchpad, and iMessages text and pictures are pink as well. I have AMD Phenom X6 1100T 3.3Ghz, with an ATI Radeon 5770 and a GA-870A-UD3. Not sure which to use or try between bronya, bsa, and the different versions I'm seeing.. Everything works, I can't work in iMovie cuz it's garbled to hell in glitch n static on the preview window. All I've installed is the basics of a fresh install regarding kexts. Any suggestions on which kernel to use and what to do about video software glitch?
  7. I just changed my refresh rate from 60 Hertz to 59.9 and the Pink Launchpad is now gone! Seems like it's the only thing that is cured of the Pink syndrome so far though. Still Messages is pink .. iMovies display looks like garbled bunch of graphic junk..
  8. Graphical Glitches- Mavericks + HD5770 (w/screenshots)

    ok and yea AMD with a matching kernel for my system. I couldn't find anything that matched this issue with pictures so wasn't sure.
  9. Graphical Glitches- Mavericks + HD5770 (w/screenshots)

    Feels like it's in Zombie mode xD
  10. The screenshots are all I have encountered so far as far as glitches. I used the included kexts. The original kext gave me the same result. This is my benchmark test with the basic system info. I used MyHack and a Post Installer to install everything that was needed. I disabled CPB (Core Performance Boost) in bios to make everything work along with the other requirements in bios. Everything is running great aside from this graphical glitch. If anyone can help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench3/219123 P.S. Please hurry…. the pink is growing on me @.@ jk Thanks!!! Icon Text tearing…. Pink and red hues in Messages…. This is my Launchpad -____- ATI 57XX.zip